Dark Pool of Light 3 Volume Set: Reality and Consciousness

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North Atlantic Books, Dec 18, 2012 - Body, Mind & Spirit - 912 pages
In books like Embyogenesis and Embryos, Galaxies, and Sentient Beings, author Richard Grossinger brought together the subjects of biological embryology and the esoteric process of human consciousness becoming embodied ("The embryo is the universe writing itself on its own body"). In Dark Pool of Light, his latest creation, Grossinger weaves neuroscience-based behaviorism and the phenomenology of "being" and reality together with psychological and psychospiritual views of "that single thing which is most difficult to understand or vindicate: our own existence."
In 2008 Grossinger began studying with noted psychic teacher John Friedlander, who helped him refine his vision of cerebral and somatic awareness to still subtler levels. "Dark Pool of Light began unnamed in the journals of my psychic work with John Friedlander," says Grossinger, "not so much a record of actual practices as insights from them and extensions out of them." An expansive inquiry into the nature of consciousness, the series examines the tension between the scientific and philosophical, and psychic views of the same phenomena, and includes "field notes" and experiential exercises that invite the reader to make their own explorations.
Dark Pool of Light is divided into three volumes: in Volume 1, Grossinger begins with the scientific and philosophical, analytical views of reality, exploring the science, parascience, philosophy, and psychology of consciousness. Covering topics as diverse as current discoveries in neuroscience and the philosophy of the ancient Greeks, the book gives a broad overview of the bodies of knowledge concerning the nature of reality and consciousness. Volume Two discusses the similarities and differences between European esoteric traditions and Buddhism in their approaches to the subjects, and gives a detailed description of the psychic training Grossinger undertook that informs much of his worldview. This expansive inquiry into the nature of consciousness ends with this third volume in the series, The Crisis and Future of Consciousness. Grossinger addresses the perennial question of evil and shares the author's hopes and fears for the future of humanity. While wisdom gleaned from such seemingly disparate sources as science, philosophy, religion, and spirituality might appear "very, very different things," Grossinger nevertheless finds their meeting place in subjective, lived experience.

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When reviewing and discussing the writings of Jane Roberts speaking for the entity called Seth- he unfortunately misrepresents Seth- those who have read the Seth material a bit more extensively than this author will know this immediately to be true when they come upon the line that says "with patternal tenderness, Seth tells us to go on doing what we will- heedlessly or destructively killing...." etc., etc. The Seth material is very clear that it is not for us to be heedless or destructive at all. Also, the material here does not include references- revealing a truth about being educated. If you are going to say something with no references to back it up, you might as well just be splattering your own opinions all over the page. You can't hide behind intellectualism if you don't even have the wherewithal to at least reference what you are telling your readers someone else has said. Also- to just blithely say that "Roberts also channeled William James" is a misrepresentation, as Jane Roberts specifically states that she didn't channel William James, but rather patternings of thought and attitude" produced by the life lived by one called William James– these patterns are present within the larger reality that all beings produce– Roberts said she was simply tuning in to those- not into the personality or entity of William James. There IS a difference. 


CIIAPTER ONE What the Fuck Is This
CHAPTER Two The Scientific View of Reality and Consciousness
CHAPTER Six Qualia or Zombies?
CHAPTER EIGHT The Quantum Brain
CHAPTER NINE The Ontology and Cosmology of Consciousness
CHAPTER TEN The Suhtexts of Science

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Since the issuing of Solar Journal: Oecological Sections by Black Sparrow Press in 1970, Richard Grossinger (richardgrossinger.com) has published some 35 books, most of them with his own press, North Atlantic Books, but also titles with Harper, Doubleday, Sierra Club Books, and J. P. Tarcher, among others. These have ranged from long explorations of science, culture, and spirituality (The Night Sky, Planet Medicine, Embryogenesis) to memoirs and nonfiction novels (New Moon, Out of Babylon) to experimental prose (Book of the Earth and Sky, Spaces Wild and Tame) and science fiction (Mars: A Science Fiction Vision). Grossinger received a PhD in anthropology from the University of Michigan in 1975 and lives with his wife Lindy Hough in Berkeley, California.

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