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Nonfiction Usage Patent UsageMethod for the detection of micrometastases in mesenchymal tissue: Patented by Heinz Bodenmueller and Gert Riethmueller on March 6, 1993. Abstract: The present invention concerns a method for the detection of micrometastases of ectodermal or entodermal tumors. Cells from mesenchymal tissue, preferably from bone marrow, are subjected to a fractional lysis. Cytokeratins or fragments thereof are immunologically detected in the cell supernatant.Novel Use of Compositions Containing Mother-of-Pearl: Patented by Gilles Gutierrez, Evelyne Lopez, Christian Milet and Mostafa Serrar on December 20, 1996. Abstract: A novel use of mother-of-pearl in medicine and/or cosmetics in disclosed. A fine powder consisting of mother-of-pearl and optionally aragonite is mixed with suitable carriers and used to prepare pharmaceutical and/or cosmetic compositions for improving the synthesis of novel cytokeratins. The use of a fine powder consisting of mother-of-pearl and optionally aragonite mixed with suitable carriers for improving the synthesis of novel cytokeratins in cell culture media is also disclosed.Bibliographic UsageAbd El-Rehim, D. M., et al. Expression of luminal and basal cytokeratins in human breast carcinoma appears in The Journal of Pathology written by D. M. Abd El-Rehim, S. E. Pinder, C. E. Paish, J. Bell, R. W. Blamey, J. F. Robertson, R. I. Nicholson and I. O. Ellis. Published in June 2004.Achstatter, T., et al. Expression of glial filament protein (GFP) in nerve sheaths and non-neural cells re-examined using monoclonal antibodies, with special emphasis on the co-expression of GFP and cytokeratins in epithelial cells of human salivary gland and pleomorphic adenom appears in Differentiation; Research in Biological Diversity written by T. Achstatter, R. Moll, A. Anderson, C. Kuhn, S. Pitz, K. Schwechheimer and W. W. Franke. Published in 1986.Al Adnani, M. S. Differential immunohistochemical localization of cytokeratins and collagen types I and III in experimentally-induced cirrhosis appears in The Journal of Pathology written by M. S. Al Adnani. Published in October 1989.Alarcon, V. B., et al. Cytokeratins in the liver of the sea lamprey (Petromyzon marinus) before and after metamorphosis appears in Cell and Tissue Research written by V. B. Alarcon, M. F. Filosa and J. H. Youson. Published in February 1997.Alberti, I., et al. Changes in the expression of cytokeratins and nuclear matrix proteins are correlated with the level of differentiation in human prostate cancer appears in Journal of Cellular Biochemistry written by I. Alberti, P. Barboro, M. Barbesino, P. Sanna, L. Pisciotta, S. Parodi, G. Nicolo, F. Boccardo, S. Galli, E. Patrone and C. Balbi. Published on September 7, 2000.Alibardi, L., et al. Immunocytochemical and electrophoretic distribution of cytokeratins in the regenerating epidermis of the lizard Podarcis muralis appears in Journal of Morphology written by L. Alibardi, M. G. Maurizii and C. Taddei. Published in December 2000.Allen, R., et al. Developmental regulation of cytokeratins in cells of the rat mammary gland studied with monoclonal antibodies appears in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America written by R. Allen, R. Dulbecco, P. Syka, M. Bowman and B. Armstrong. Published in February 1984.Alsaad K.O., Serra S., Schmitt A., Perren A., Chetty R. Authors of Cytokeratins 7 and 20 immunoexpression profile in goblet cell and classical carcinoids of appendix, published in Endocrine Pathology, vol. 18, no. 1, in Spring 2007 .

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