Das "Interlude of the four elements."

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R. Friedrich, 1902 - English drama - 86 pages
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Page 62 - This see is called the Great Occyan, So great it is that never man Coude tell it sith the worlde began ; Tyll nowe, within this xx. yere, "Westwarde be founde new landes, That we never harde tell of before this...
Page 41 - But now so it is that in our Englyshe tonge Many one there is that can but rede and wryte, For his pleasure wyll oft presume amonge New bokys to compyle and balates to indyte, Some of love or other matter, not worth a myte: Some to opteyn favour wyll flatter and glose, Some wryte curyous termes nothyng to purpose.
Page 54 - The devyll pull of his skyn ! I wolde he were hangyd by the throte, For by the messe I love hym not, We two can never agre ; I am content, syr, with you to tary, And I am for you so necessary, Ye can not lyve without me.
Page 83 - For it is not as good to say playnly, Gyf me a spade, As gyf me a spa, ve, va, ve, va, ve, vade? But yf thou wylt have a song that is good, I have one of Robyn Hode, The best that ever was made.
Page 77 - Yng. But such knaves wold alway have the To put all thy mynd and felicite, In this folysh connyng to study ; Which if thou do, wyll make the mad, And alway to be pensyf and sad ; Thou shalt never be mery.
Page 62 - Here by hymselfe, alone doth ly Irelande, that holsome grounde. Here than is the narowe seey, To Calyce and Boleyne the next wey, And Flaunders in this parte : Here lyeth Fraunce next hym joynynge, And Spayne southwards from thens standynge, And Portyngale in this quart.
Page 58 - But canst get my mayster a dyshe of quales, Smal byrdes, swalowes, or wagtayles, They be lyght of dygestyon ? Ta. Lyght of dygestyon ! for what reason ? Sen. For physyk puttyth this reason therto, Bycause those byrdes fle to and fro And be contynuall movynge. Ta. Then know I a lyghter mete than that. Hu, I pray the tell me what. Ta. Yf ye wyll nedys know at short and longe, It is evyn a womans tounge, For that is ever sterynge ! Hu. Syr, I pray the let suche fanteses be, And come heder nere and harke...
Page 41 - Of connynge, that is regardyd by clerkes. The Grekes, the Romayns, with many other mo, In their moder tonge wrot warkes excellent. Than yf clerkes in this realme wolde take payn so, Consyderyng that our tonge is now suffycyent To expoun any hard sentence evydent, They myght, yf they wolde, in our Englyshe tonge Wryte workys of gravyte...
Page 39 - Elements, declarynge many proper poyntes of phylosophy naturall,and of dyvers straunge landys, and of dyvers straunge effectes and causis ; whiche interlude yf the hole matter be playd wyl conteyne the space of an hour and a halfe ; but yf ye lyst ye may leve out muche of the sad mater, as the messengers parte, and some of naturys parte, and some of experyens parte, and yet the matter wyl depende convenyently, and than it wyl not be paste thre quarters of an hour of length.
Page 64 - And what a great meritoryouse dede It were to have the people instructed To lyve more vertuously, And to lerne to knowe of men the maner, And also to knowe God theyr Maker, Whiche as yet lyve all bestly ; For they nother knowe God nor the devell, Nor never harde tell of hevyn nor hell, Wrytynge, nor other scripture ; But yet in the stede of God Almyght, The honour the sone for his great lyggt...

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