Data Structures & Other Objects Using Java

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The Phases of Software Development Specification, Design, Implementation Running Time Analysis Testing and Debugging Abstract Data Types and Java Classes Classes and Their Members Using a Class Packages Parameters, Equals Methods, and Clones Collection Classes A Review of Java Arrays An ADT for a Bag of Integers Programming Project: The Sequence ADT Applets for Interactive Testing Linked Lists Fundamentals of Linked Lists Methods for Manipulating Nodes Manipulating an Entire Linked List The Bag ADT with a Linked List Programming Project: The Sequence ADT with a Linked List Arrays vs. Linked Lists vs. Doubly Linked Lists Java Objects and Iterators Java's Object Type A Bag of Objects JCL Collections and Nodes of Objects Iterators Stacks Introduction to Stacks Stack Applications Implementations of the Stack ADT More Complex Stack Applications Queues Introduction to Queues Queue Applications Implementations of the Queue ADT Priority Queues Recursive Thinking Recursive Methods Studies of Recursion: Fractals and Mazes Reasoning about Recursion Trees Introduction to Trees Tree Representations A Class for Binary Tree Nodes Tree Traversals Binary Search Trees Tree Projects Heaps B-Trees Trees, Logs, and Time Analysis Searching Serial Search and Binary Search Open-Address Hashing Using Java's Hashtable Class Chained Hashing Time Analysis of Hashing Sorting Quadratic Sorting Algorithms Recursive Sorting Algorithms An O(N LOG N) Algorithm Using a Heap Software Reuse with Extended Classes Extended Classes Simulation of an Ecosystem Using Extended Classes for ADTs Graphs Graph Definitions Graph Implementations Graph Traversals Path Algorithms Appendices Java's Primitive Types and Arithmetic Overflow Java Input Throwing and Catching Java Exceptions Java's Vector and Hashtable A Class for Nodes in a Linked List A Class for a Bag of Objects Further Big-O Notation Javadoc.

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Michael Main is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at the University of Colorado at Boulder. As a chairman of the undergraduate committee, he participated in the University's development and implementation of the Bachelor's of Science degree in Computer Science. Recognized as gifted teacher of undergraduates, he has incorporated many of his innovative teaching techniques into his Addison-Wesley textbooks.


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