Davenport Dunn: A Man of Our Day

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Chapman and Hall, 1859 - 695 pages
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Page 122 - had one. You might have let them all in, you might have landed them all—so they tell me, at least—if you'd have withdrawn Eyetooth. He was own brother to Aurelius, and sure to win. "Well, if you'd have withdrawn him for the Bexley, you'd have netted fifty thousand. Grog—I mean a fellow 'well up' among the Legs—told me so.
Page 420 - up the Turf as a profession, they call him ' a Leg'—not that they'd exactly say it to his face!" added he, with a smile of intense sarcasm. " Go on," said she, faintly, after a slight pause. " Go on with what ?
Page 103 - room of a very humble cottage on the strand of Irishtown. Grog had sought this retirement after the last settling at Newmarket, and had been, in popular phrase, " missing" since that event. " Well, it's a long one, at all events," said Mr. Davis, as he glanced
Page 653 - such lucky dogs,' •whenever we attain to one of these brilliant successes. Gazette my son-in-law as Ambassador to Moscow, and nobody thinks it strange ; announce in the same paper that Kit Davis has been made a gauger, and five hundred open mouths exclaim,' How did he obtain that ? "Who the deuce got it for him?
Page 391 - living thing was to be seen. Muttering what were scarcely blessings on the head of his messenger, he strolled listlessly along. Few men could calculate the eventualities of life better or quicker than Davis. Give him the man and the opportunities, and he would speedily tell you what would be. the upshot. He knew thoroughly
Page 672 - had been lavished all the honours and rewards usually reserved for the greatest benefactors of their kind. The favours of the Crown, the friendship and intimacy with the highest in station, immense influence with the members of the Government, power and patronage to any extent, and, greater than all these, because more wide-spread and far-reaching,
Page 630 - room, or vainly endeavouring to uncord a portmanteau which a sailor had fastened more ingeniously than necessary. " I wish I knew what he was," muttered Terry to himself. " He'd be the very man to help me in this business, if I could trust him." "Was it a strange coincidence that at the same moment Paul
Page 378 - the glowing colouring of Cuyp, the mellow richness of Mieris, had not touched that nature which now vibrated in every chord to the appeal of Fortune. It was the submissive worship of a devotee before some sacred relic! Stein read that gaze, and tracked its every motive, and with a solemn gesture he clasped the
Page 418 - drawing-room. It was a kind of reading fascinated me intensely, it was so real. But why do you ask me ?" " I don't know why I asked the question," muttered he, half moodily, and hung his head down. " Yes I do," cried he, after a pause. " I wanted to know if you ever saw my name—our
Page 351 - and newspapers were scattered out, fresh flowers stood in the vases, and recent periodicals lay on the tables. " What a charming house!" exclaimed Lady Augusta; and really the approbation was sincere, for the soft-cushioned sofas, the perfumed air, the very quiet itself, were in delightful contrast to the heat and discomfort of a journey

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