Dawn of Terrorism in the U.s., Part 1

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Airleaf, 2006 - History - 572 pages
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This book tells the story of how terrorists struck directly at the heart of America. They used two huge Boeing 767 airplanes loaded with 11,000 gallons of Jet fuel, crashing them into the World Trade Centers, 110 story Twin Towers. The support beams were pushed to the melting point by the 2,000 degree flames Super Heated by the Jet fuel.As the two towers burned, American Airlines Flight 77 had departed Washington D.C.s Dulles International Airport, carrying 58 passengers and a crew of 8, a Boeing 757, crashed into the West side of the Pentagon. Less than an hour later, United Flight 93 with 38 passengers and a crew of 7 aboard crashed into a field in Shanksville, PA. It is believed the passengers, who were aware of what was happening, were trying to regain control of the airplane from the hijackers. Flight 93s target was the White House.Back in New York, the South Tower was the first to surrender to its mortal wounds. It groaned as the support beams buckled outward, unable to support the upper floors. Like dominoes they pan-caked downward one on top of the other causing what appeared to be an implosion, trapping anyone still alive inside. Shortly after the South Tower collapsed, the North Tower came hurdling downward.America wept as the World stood still in Shock and awe. But the spirit of America inspired the World to unite together accepting the challenges and complexities of a long overdue assault on terrorism now and in the future.

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It was Deans dream to one day own the very place he was born and raised. He was born one mile north of the Rocky Mountain Arsenal, DEATH FACTORY U.S.A., a place where death gasses were manufactured, WMD. Little did Dean realize he was on a path that would one day again cross that with the U.S. Army Rocky Mountain Arsenal, and in 1972 it did? Deans dreams were destroyed at the blink of an eye, leaving him disabled, his family dead and disabled, when they were environmentally contaminated with WMD in the water they drank, and the air they breathed. With Courage he developed a special knowledge that led to a 30 year investigation which eventually closed a 32 square mile Army Base just north of Denver, CO.President Ronald Reagan in 1983 signed a bill ending the manufacture, and proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction in the United States.Dean continued that investigation learning the U.S. had supplied a rogue nation (Iraq) with WMD and Nuclear Technology during the 1980s. It had been made available to terrorists, the Axis of Evil, North Korea, Syria, and Iran and others; it will be used against the people of the United States. After the Sept 11, terrorist attack, Dean felt compelled to share his knowledge with the world, in his books, Dawn Of Terrorism In The U.S. and Poisoned America (Death Factory U.S.A. Part I and II) that was published and released in 2003, and in 2004.) His latest Dawn Of Terrorism In The U.S. Part I, of a series of several more to follow.

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