De Indische gids, Volume 11

Front Cover
C. E. van Kesteren, R. A. van Sandick, J. E. de Meyier
J. H. de Bussy, 1889 - Indonesia

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Page 140 - Brief as the lightning in the collied night, That, in a spleen, unfolds both heaven and earth, And ere a man hath power to say, — Behold ! The jaws of darkness do devour it up : So quick bright things come to confusion.
Page 110 - Chiefs yield to Her Majesty the exclusive right of Preemption over such lands as the proprietors thereof may be disposed to alienate at such prices as may be agreed upon between the respective Proprietors and persons appointed by Her Majesty to treat with them in that behalf.
Page 629 - INDIAN METEOROLOGICAL MEMOIRS, being occasional discussions and compilations of Meteorological Data relating to India and the neighbouring countries. Published by order of His Excellency the Viceroy and Governor-General of India in Council, under the direction of Henry F. Blanford, Meteorological Reporter to the Government of India.- Vol.
Page 1010 - Rijksgrooten verbinden zich de bevoegdheid, om onder den grond te graven en uit dat graven vruchten te trekken, niet te zullen afstaan aan personen, niet behoorende tot hunne inheemsche onderdanen, dan na een voorafgaand overleg en in overeenstemming dienaangaande met den vertegenwoordiger van den...
Page 630 - A Bibliography of indian Geology being a list of books and papers relating to the Geology of British India and adjoining countries, published^ previous to the end of ad 1887. 8".
Page 846 - Schlage die Trommel und fŁrchte dich nicht, Und kŁsse die Marketenderin! Das ist die ganze Wissenschaft, Das ist der BŁcher tiefster Sinn. Trommle die Leute aus dem Schlaf, Trommle Reveille mit Jugendkraft, Marschiere trommelnd immer voran, Das ist die ganze Wissenschaft. Das ist die Hegelsche Philosophie, Das ist der BŁcher tiefster Sinn! Ich hab sie begriffen, weil ich gescheit, Und weil ich ein guter Tambour bin.
Page 143 - ERSTER VERLUST Ach, wer bringt die schŲnen Tage, Jene Tage der ersten Liebe, Ach, wer bringt nur eine Stunde Jener holden Zeit zurŁck! Einsam nšhr ich meine Wunde, Und mit stets erneuter Klage Traur ich ums verlorne GlŁck.
Page 266 - OBSERVATIONS MADE AT THE MAGNETICAL AND METEOROLOGICAL OBSERVATORY AT BATAVIA. Published by order of the Government of Netherlands India, under the direction of Dr.
Page 629 - A record of the forms and methods of government in Great Britain, her colonies, and foreign countries, with an introduction on the diffusion of popular government over the surface of the globe, and on the nature and extent of international jurisdiction.
Page 265 - Onderzoek naar den aard en de oorzaak der beri-beri en de middelen om die ziekte te bestrijden, l'trecht—'s Hage 1888; A.

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