Dear Diary: What My Doctor Never Told Me about Liposuction

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Writing this book has been a very essential part of my recovery. Except for my son, doctor, and finally, my Mom, there was no one I had chosen to confide in. Putting my own experiences down on paper gave me a chance to not only relive the experience and face the uncertainties, but to understand my motivation for doing it. Writing this book was an emotional lifeline for me and it's been a wonderful outlet.

Also, where else could I have expressed the joy of going from a size 22 to 16 in two months? Since no one knew I had the surgery, this book was the one place where I could shout.

This book was also written with others in mind. There may be those who felt as I did. They've secretly dreamed of undergoing the procedure because they were just as unhappy with certain aspects of their bodies as I was. They've squirreled away some money in the hopes that one day they might also take the next step. There are also those who have taken that step. I hope my words help someone else who's alone with their thoughts and pain as I've been, give them a much needed mental hug, and let them know that someone else had undergone what they are considering or are now enduring. At those times, when I was most vulnerable, I kept telling myself that there would be people reading my words and saying to themselves, "This is normal. Kathyne went through this too, so I won't worry."

Am I am glad I did it?

Would I do it again?

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