Death's vision, a philosophical sacred poem [by J. Reynolds].

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Page 71 - Serange, that the Maker fhou'd his Work Difdain! Unravel't all, as if 'twere made in Vain ! But fee the Pow'r of Law and Wrath Divine ! In...
Page 43 - Vorticet, unlefs they Can Demonftrate the Vertigo of a Wanton Brain ? Or Univerfal, Gravitating Pace, ( That comes fo Late, and goes fo Far To...
Page 51 - Seeds, involv'd in Fibrous Earth, Give the Vaft Vegetable Kingdom Birth ; How they Diftinguifh Food for Vital Ufe, Breathe, and Drive round the Circulating Juice f How they Digeft, Porfpire, and Drink, and Are By Seafontble Drinking fr*fh and fair; Breed Sem'inal Virtue, and.
Page 35 - Ah ! now the Laws, by which they cut the Air, Their Threatning Tails, and long Inflamed Hair, How they are Chain'd in their...
Page 33 - s this Grave Wand'rer Dreft With an Illuftrious Ring above the Reft? Around it Rolls, makes all its Parts appear
Page 48 - No fooner Condefcends th' Ethereal Dame To Vifit fome Dark Town with Vital Flame, ' • But ftraitway All Around Contrive To Hoot the Hcav'nly Gueft and Drive Her Home unto the Land, from whence She came.
Page 76 - Devour \ Sleep then Dear Mate, in Peace, in Quiet Dwell, Secure from all thy Cares, *• from me, and Foes, and Snares, Sleep on, till I Return to Call rhee from thy Ccl* INI S. tt r" .
Page 44 - Ills and World from whence I Came.. Tho Raptur'd with this Numerous Dance, With Globes and Balls Methodically Whirl'd, A Secret lnftin& makes me Love to Glance T.
Page 37 - Storm thofe Bolted Ears, and quickly Drown The Noife and Hurry of each Ravenous Town, The Loud, Pathetic Accents Id'e Pronounce Shou-d A Prnftett of Death.

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