Decadent Deceptions

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Noble Romance Publishing LL, 2008
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Daring and desperate to win Morgan's love, Olivia Breedlove embarks on a reckless folly. But everything backfires when Morgan remains one step ahead of her and the game ventures down a path of duplicity and murder.
A decade ago, Morgan was a heartbeat away from taking Olivia's virginity. Her father, Thaddeus, intervened and threatened to meet him over pistols if he so much as looked at his daughter again. But now, Thaddeus is dead and Morgan has no intention of ignoring the ravenous hunger he's harbored for the blasted woman for ten years.
One way or the other, he will quench this burning desire and make her his forever.
Special Content Alert: Voyuerism
She pushed her body closer to his, her hips writhing against his hand. Moaning aloud, she drowned out Annie's frantic cries for release behind them.
"Come on, baby, you can say it."
"Yes," she said, "I want to feel it inside me."
"And you shall have your wish," he said, pushing through in a slow, deep stroke.
Her body convulsed. She was small and tight. Aware she hurt, but half-crazed by the feel of her insides pulsing against him, he hurt, too, only with a different kind of pain. He couldn't remember when he had been so hard and hot. His cock screamed out in agony with the despair of not being inside her. He needed to get a hold of himself or risk spurting in his trousers. This wasn't about him; not this time. His sole intent was to bring her pleasure, release. He wanted her to remember this forever, lay awake at night and crave his touch, hunger for him the way he hungered for her.
Her head rolled back and forth on the wall. With her eyes half-shuttered, she gyrated beneath the motion of his hand. Dampness flooded his finger, and the muscles of her pussy tightened again and again around it. He pulled out momentarily and entered her again with two fingers, pitching her into a frenzy of shrill whimpers. She thrashed wildly against him and cried out his name. Her body stiffened. In his delirium, he felt her hot, wet sex clench around his fingers, and he sent a prayer skyward he was her first. And last. Even if he had to tie the confounded woman up and kidnap her.
When at last she convulsed around him, another series of cries left her luscious lips, and she wilted against him, her body still quivering. He waited patiently, wondering what words would come from her mouth. He didn't have to wait long.
"Oh, my God," she whispered and pushed away from him.
Their eyes met, and he watched myriad expressions cross her lovely features-wonder, disbelief, and shame. Long minutes later, her dazed eyes returned to their normal color, and her breathing slowed. She searched his face, anger banking in her eyes like hot embers.
"I hope you're satisfied," she said. "You got what you wanted, seduced me into begging like a common whore."
"Whores don't beg. They give more than they take and . . . willingly." He brought his hand to her cheek. "It's what you wanted too, Liv. You'd admit it if you weren't so damned stubborn."
"Take your hands off me! I may have lost my head in a moment of passion, but it won't happen again, I assure you."
He shouldn't have laughed, not when she was so serious, so twisted with conflicting emotions about what had passed between them, but he couldn't help it. She was such a little hypocrite. She wanted him inside her, and not just his fingers. He had proven it, and she refused to admit it. Even now, she trembled with longing, her face flushed with passion, the sweet scent of her sex drifting around them.
"Oh, it will happen again," he said, "you can count on that."
Without responding to his words, she pulled her undergarments up and straightened her dress. Oblivious to the fact she took his heart with her, she stormed out the door.

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