Deceitful Masters

Howard Eugene Wright, 20.04.2009 - 448 Seiten
You want answers? I got answers!! You may ask--Who ruined our nation? The "Author's Comments" tell how the "Ruling Elite" did it. Is evolution a proven science? No! Appendix J tells what it is. Who are my enemies? "The Church That Satan's Slaves Built" tells who they are. Can I restore my health? Yes! Part I, Chapter 4 tells how. Can I be a good Christian scientist? Yes! Part I, Chapters 1-2 and Part III give the facts. How do the Holy Bible and True Science complement each other? Perfectly! Part IV "stages" this. Does the Holy Bible have the answers to all my problems? Yes! The "Keys" in Part II help you find them. Can I have a loving, personal partnership with my Creator? Yes! Appendixes C and Part V tell how. What is my relationship with Jesus like? "The Church that Jesus Built" pictures this. Many more of your pesky questions are uniquely answered in this progressive, interactive book. This book is an "Operation Manual" that enables you to live an abundantly blessed life every day.

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