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Nonfiction Usage Patent UsageActive vehicle deceleration in an adaptive cruise control system: Patented by Pamela Irene Labuhn and William Joseph Chundrlik Jr on March 1, 1997. Abstract: A vehicle adaptive cruise control system having active deceleration control provides for appropriate decelerations consistent with the objectives of preventing the vehicle from violating a desired minimum distance from a preceding vehicle and efficient utilization of road space through minimization of inter-vehicle spacing.BATTERY HOLD DOWN DEVICE: Patented by Charles D. Nix, Johnny P. Baker and William F. Huntley on August 1, 1989. Abstract: A hold down apparatus for clamping a battery within a motorized vehicle for preventing movement thereof particularly during sudden accelerations and decelerations of the vehicle. The hold down apparatus includes a non-metallic tray mounted to the motorized vehicle and a strap having a two-part quick disconnect buckle for anchoring a battery within the tray.Brake signaling system and process: Patented by Robert Rakow on November 3, 1990. Abstract: A brake signaling safety system and process is provided with a dependable sequential pressure monitoring brake light display to alert others of the relative frequency and amount of braking forces applied during braking of the vehicle. Preferably, the brake signaling safety system has a special circuit to signal a different number of brake lights for different braking forces and vehicle decelerations.Device for Measuring Accelerations: Patented by Lothar Wilhelmy and Bernhard Hiller on December 18, 2003. Abstract: The invention relates to an acceleration measuring device for measuring relative accelerations or decelerations which are active in various directions. Said measuring device comprises a permanent magnet (1) which is arranged opposite displaceable measuring means (7) which extends in directions X and Y. Four sensor coils (3 6) are arranged around the permanent magnet in an evenly distributed manner. The longitudinal axes of said coils extend in a parallel manner in relation to the magnetising direction of the permanent magnet (1).Fog generation using liquid synthetic air: Patented by James F. Foley, Charles E. Converse, F. Edward Gardner and Mark Plant on September 7, 1997. Abstract: A process of generating fog by providing a transport vessel, loading predetermined quantities of liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen into the transport vessel, and subjecting the transport vessel to a plurality of accelerations and decelerations to achieve a homogeneous mixture of the liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen. The homogeneous mixture is delivered to a fog generator and fog is produced therefrom.IGNITION TIMING CONTROL APPARATUS: Patented by Hiroshi Okuda on July 1, 1990. Abstract: An ignition timing control apparatus is disclosed which controls ignition timing of an internal combustion engine which is used with a marine vehicle. The apparatus, which controls ignition timing in dependence upon the opening degree of a throttle valve, includes a retardation moderating circuit for gradually changing the output of the throttle sensor when the throttle valve is driven in the closing direction, thereby preventing the engine from stalling during sudden decelerations of the engine.Method for determining the deceleration of a motor vehicle: Patented by Armin Arnold on February 9, 1999. Abstract: The deceleration o motor vehicle resulting from a vehicle brake is defined as the difference between a total deceleration of the motor vehicle and decelerations caused by the engine, wind, friction and grade, and a product of contact-pressure forces of the vehicle brake using a proportionality factor which is dependent on a brake temperature and a load being carried. The ratio of the two values is then used as a parameter for correcting the proportionality factor.Operation of a Vehicle Brake System Depending on Brake Surface Temperatures: Patented by Ralf Kinder, Ralf Leiter and Greg

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