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Use in Literature DeckersNeither delighte thei in muche preasse. Thei are as I saied, greate deckers and trimmers of them selues, haters of theft.ndash;Richard Hakluyt in Principal Navigations, vol 6 (Madiera, The Canaries, Ancient Asia, Africa, etc.).Deckers tells of a gentleman who was wounded in the right hypochondrium, the ball being taken thirty years afterward from the knee.ndash;Gould and Pyle in Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine. Nonfiction Usage Journalism UsageUnited States - News: August 28, 2003 - Headline: New Book Explores What Home Really Means to Some Americans. Author: Faiza Elmasry. Excerpt: Eighty-one-year old Millie Decker of Malibu, California, is another loyal resident who would never consider leaving her home. Author Halpern says Ms. Decker confronted many dangers in her life as a cowgirl, but nothing tests her endurance like the wildfires that often strike the area. When these fires come, the Fire Department tells everyone that they have to leave, he says. And while most of the Malibu residents flee, the Deckers always stay and fight the fire, which is something that they have always done since the 1880's.Patent UsageCatalyst for the (co)polymerization of alk-1-enes: Patented by Andrei Gonioukh, Andreas Deckers, Eckard Schauss, Roger Klimesch and Wilhelm Weber on February 7, 2000. Abstract: A catalyst composition suitable for the (co)polymerization of alk-1-enes is obtainable by mixing a metallocene complex with a C.sub.3 -C.sub.20 -alk-1-ene in an inert solvent, reacting the resulting mixture in a controlled manner with a compound capable of forming metallocenium ions and diluting the resulting mixture with an inert nonpolar, essentially aliphatic solvent, and also, if desired, applying the catalyst composition to a particulate support material.Catalyst Preparation for the (co)polymerisation of Alkndash;1ndash;enes: Patented by Andrei Gonioukh, Andreas Deckers, Eckard Schauss, Roger Klimesch and Wilhelm Weber on August 19, 1998. Abstract: The invention relates to a catalyst preparation suitable for the (co)polymerisation of Alkndash;1ndash;enes. To obtain said preparation a metallocene complex is mixed with a C3ndash;20ndash;Alkndash;1ndash;ene in an inert solvent and the resulting mixture is reacted in a controlled manner with a compound forming metallocene ions. The mixture obtained is diluted with an inert, nonndash;polar, essentially aliphatic solvent. In addition, the catalyst preparation is possibly applied to a particulate substrate material.Catalysts for the metathesis of olefins and functionalized olefins: Patented by Siegfried Warwel, Hans-Gerd Jagers and Andreas Deckers on February 2, 1991. Abstract: A catalyst for the metathesis of olefins and functionalized olefins, which contains a compound having the formula B.sub.2 O.sub.3 --Re.sub.2 O.sub.7 /Al.sub.2 O.sub.3 --SiO.sub.2.Compression of ethylenically unsaturated monomers: Patented by Heinz Friedrich Sutoris, Alexander Aumuller, Andreas Koch, Andreas Deckers, Eckard Schauss, Roger Klimesch, Arend Jouke Kingma and Wilhelm Weber on June 2, 1997. Abstract: A process for compressing ethylenically unsaturated monomers at a pressure of 200-5000 bar in the absence of a polymerization initiator comprises carrying out compression in the presence of a sterically hindered amine derivative.Cosmetic Preparations and Use Thereof, Containing Polyethylene Wax with Improved Organoleptic Properties: Patented by Lars Wittkowski, Katrin Zeitz, Wilhelm Weber and Andreas Deckers on December 21, 2001. Abstract: The invention relates to cosmetic preparations and toothpaste containing polyethylene wax, particularly micronised polyethylene wax with improved organoleptical properties, produced by (co-)polymerising ethylene at high pressure using an aliphatic or alicyclic ketone as a molecular weight regulator.Crosslinked polymer particles containing a fluorescent dye: Patented by Wolfgang Fischer, Andreas Deckers, Norbert Guntherber

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