Deed Wife

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Mojocastle Press LLC, 2007 - Fiction - 334 pages
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A Deed Wife, a fate no respectable woman wanted to face, yet the final battle at Culloden had changed the face of the world forever. With the aid of an ancient magic the rule of the English had been overthrown and now the clans ruled their newly held lands with an iron fist.Tithes paid to the clans, towns and villages under the rule, taxes, wealth and goods all now filtered slowly north.Amongst those tithes are the Deed Wives, women chosen from the families born south of the border to be slave like wives to the clans. A cruel practice that some believed steamed from centuries past, retribution for events that had been passed down through the ages. But the reality of the situation was this:Women sent north to be slaves, bed mates, second wives with no legal status of their own. Their families held to good behavior via the threat to the women who already served their clan lords.Marion was one of these women. Sent north by her father on the order of Callum Jacobs, summoned to be his deed wife she journeys north into a land ruled by strong hands, magic and the ways of the clans. Called to serve in the bed of a man whose dark countenance sends ripples of need and fear through her being.Catching the eye of a member of the clans carries with it other risks, dangers she had not taken into account. With the internal power struggle of the clan she has been forced into, and the hatred against her people Marion must find a way to survive and learn to accept the desires that the dark clansman has awoken within her.

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