Deep Analysis: Frightening Conclusion

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Xlibris Corporation, Jul 15, 2009 - Fiction - 213 pages
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We all heard of the crash at Roswell, and most of us heard and read regarding the subject of alien abductions in one form or another. For many of us who attended Bible study or religious schools, we learned of the fallen angels, which sometimes are referred to as the “Nefilim.” We learned about Noah’s ark, Moses and his brother, and spokesman, Aaron, and the pyramids. And in the twentieth century, we all know about the two atomic bombs, one that was dropped over Hiroshima and the other dropped over Nagasaki in Japan at the end of World War II. But until you read in simple English, without using any fancy math formulas to confuse you, until you read this book, you’ll never know the truth, the plain truth as it occurred, and now as I see it, after I interpreted certain records, including some parts of the Bible that allegedly may be—I repeat, may be—incomplete, due to missing information that we must now be aware of and need to know. To write this book, I researched many sources of information; read the works of such great writers such as Zecharia Sitchin, Michael Tsarion, Glenn Kimball, Lynn Marzulli, Patric Heron, and more; reviewed all the records available to me from other numerous books and many Internet sites, television shows; and from listening to many very popular midnight radio talk shows.

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I attended and graduated from Samuel James Tilden High School in Brooklyn, New York, on June of 1964. I continued my education and graduated from the College of Aeronautics, class of September of 1967, near La-GUARDIA Airport, Flushing, New York. I was employed for over thirty-five years in the Aerospace/Aircraft Industry civilian and military projects. Work performed on all types of aircraft, including designing major parts for Jet Engines, including the rights to a patent received from Pratt and Whitney, Jet Engines Mfg. in Hartford, Connecticut. I have also been employed by such other companies such as Fairchild Republic, Grumman Aircraft, Sikorsky Helicopters. I also worked for EDO Corp., involving submarines, and Electro Visual Engineering, involving flight simulators (the newest 3-D type).

The work that I performed included designing modifications on all type of aircraft, military and civilian. These projects also involved designing new aircraft and analyzing major problems and, yes, finding solutions!

I have also a great deal of knowledge of the Hebrew language—reading, writing, and speaking. This is due to one main reason: I was raised in Israel as a youngster from the age of two to fourteen. I was born in Berlin, Germany, in 1946.

I also used to fly private aircraft and drove race cars at the race track, including once in a while the Midnight Drag Race seen.

So at this point all in all, I believe that I am pretty well rounded to do this type of research: analyze and arrive at the correct conclusion!
So please go on and enjoy some new and exciting findings and frightening conclusions!

And the reason to enjoy this book? I will not leave you hanging with a maybe, possible, perhaps, or no answer at all. In this book I am giving y

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