Deep, Dark Water

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iUniverse, Oct 23, 2007 - Fiction
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HANGOVER-All hard-working Charley Stutsman had to do was bid his clients nighty-night and return to his hotel. Then, first thing, get the contract signed, closing the biggest deal in company history. Charley's only problem is getting past the seductive cocktail lounge where he's tempted to stop for "just one more." Every salesman's worst nightmare!

THE DAY FARLEY KISSED NATALIE WOOD-TV game show winner Will Mozart's financially stuck making a Hollywood "epic" only to learn the film's director-Will's brother Farley-is also mired up to his jodhpurs with some serious bad guys! These thugs want their money and, as Will learns the hard way, they couldn't care less where it comes from!

PENALTY STROKE-Things go haywire when what begins as friendly needling between two members of a golfing foursome suddenly turns ugly. Forget all that "gentlemen's game" nonsense, this quite possibly could be the quintessential golf round from hell!

THAT THING ABOUT HARRY-Poor Harry Cork. Nearly bald and overweight, he just lost a big promotion because his bosses don't think he's very presentable. Now he learns his precious niece has disappeared! What else could possibly go wrong, Harry wonders, but he sure doesn't have to wonder very long!

INSTANT REPLAY-Suppose you could turn back the clock for five seconds by pulling a string on a silly little doll. And you can do this over and over-no one ever sees you doing it-and you can quickly change things for five seconds after you've pulled the little string!

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