Defeating Loneliness

AuthorHouse, 2008 - 112 pages

I always believed there was a God out there. High up in the heavens. Far away. Now I know that not only is He very close to us, but He lives within us and is ever present in the earth today. That you can develop an intimate relationship with Him on a daily basis. I've often heard "Jesus love you," and how He died for the sins of the world and how He came to save you and I. I would often think to myself, "save me from what?" This is our family's real life story of how we were chosen by God to experience first hand deliverance and salvation for ourselves, through His vehicles of faith, power, love and mercy. I can truthfully and unashamedly say, "Yes, He lives" and walks among us." For my family members and friends who witnessed this great deliverance, we will never be the same and we could never deny what great things God has done for our family. All the mercy He has bestowed on us. More importantly we have come to believe it was not all about us but His love for everyone. We were only chosen to be used by Him. It was so powerful an experience in that spirit world that I had to write about it. Not only that, I finally realized that was what God intended for me to do in the first place. It doesn't end, the dreams and visions and de ja vus keep coming, so I have to keep writing about God's goodness.

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