Defending Black Faith: Answers to Tough Questions About African-American Christianity

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InterVarsity Press, Sep 20, 2009 - Religion
Craig Keener and Glenn Usry's highly acclaimed Black Man's Religion showed in impressive detail that Christianity and Afrocentricity can go together. Now they turn to specific, nitty-gritty questions put to the black church by non-Christians:
  • Is everything good in Christianity plagiarized from traditional African religions?
  • Isn't it intolerant to say Christ is the only way to God?
  • Is the Bible reliable?
  • What about criticisms of Christianity made by the Nation of Islam?
Keener and Usry meet these and other important questions head-on, providing responses relevant to and especially for black men and women.

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One Example of How the Bible Does Relate to Egyptian and Other Ancient Cultures
The Accuracy of Accounts in the Pentateuch
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Page 40 - I love the pure, peaceable, and impartial Christianity of Christ: I therefore hate the corrupt, slaveholding, women-whipping, cradle-plundering, partial and hypocritical Christianity of this land.
Page 40 - CHRISTIANITY A form of religion practised by the millions, but as misunderstood and unreal to the majority as gravitation is to the untutored savage. We profess to live in the atmosphere of Christianity, yet our acts are as barbarous as if we never knew Christ. He taught us to love, yet we hate; to forgive, yet we revenge; to be merciful, yet we condemn and punish, and still we are Christians. If hell is what we are taught it is, then there will be more Christians there than days in all creation....
Page 39 - When my master's family were all gone away on the Sabbath, I used to go into the house and get down the great Bible, and lie down in the piazza, and read, taking care, however, to put it back before they returned. There I learned that it was contrary to the revealed will of God, that one man should hold another as a slave. I had always heard it talked among the slaves, that we ought not to be held as slaves; that...
Page 14 - Christianity in Africa is so old that it can rightly be described as an indigenous, traditional and African religion. Long before the start of Islam in the seventh century, Christianity was well established all over north Africa, Egypt, parts of the Sudan and Ethiopia.
Page 34 - Andrew declared that he rejoiced not only to be whipped, but would freely suffer death for the cause of Jesus Christ, and that while he had life and opportunity he would continue to preach Christ.
Page 40 - If hell is what we are taught it is, then there will be more Christians there than days in all creation. To be a true Christian one must be like Christ and practice Christianity, not as the Bishop does, but as he says, for if our lives were to be patterned after the other fellow's all of us, Bishop, Priest and Layman would ultimately meet around the furnace of hell, and none of us, because of our sins, would see salvation.

About the author (2009)

Craig S. Keener (Ph.D., Duke University) is professor of New Testament at Asbury Theological Seminary. Some of his 12 books include . . . And Marries Another (Hendrickson), Paul, Women & Wives (Hendrickson) and several titles published by IVP. Three of his books have won Christianity Today book awards: his commentaries on Matthew, John and the background commentary. He has close to half a million books in print.

Usry is senior pastor at Christian Outreach Church in Statesville, North Carolina.

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