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Defense Technical Information Center, Defense Logistics Agency, 1990 - Subject headings

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Page 6 - When a report is prepared in more than one volume, repeat the primary title, add volume number and include subtitle for the specific title. 5. REPORT DATE Each report shall carry a date indicating at least month and year. Indicate the basis on which it was selected (eg, date of issue, date of approval, date of preparation, etc.).
Page 6 - Block 11. Supplementary Notes. Enter information not included elsewhere such as: Prepared in cooperation with...; Trans. of...; To be published in.... When a report is revised, include a statement whether the new report supersedes or supplements the older report.
Page 20 - A formation which, although porous and capable of absorbing water slowly, will not transmit it fast enough to furnish an appreciable supply for a well or spring.
Page 66 - COUNTERFORCE: The employment of strategic air and missile forces to destroy, or render impotent, military capabilities of an enemy force. Bombers and their bases, ballistic missile submarines, ICBM silos, ABM and air defense installations, command and control centers, and nuclear stockpiles are typical counterforce targets.
Page 24 - Attenuation — In physics, any process in which the flux density (or power, amplitude, intensity, illuminance, etc.) of a "parallel beam" of energy decreases with increasing distance from the energy source. Attenuation is always due to the action of the transmitting medium itself (mainly by absorption and scattering).
Page 64 - the exclusive right to reproduce, publish, and sell the matter and form of a literary or artistic work"— was born.
Page 96 - An expert system! is regarded as the embodiment within a computer of a knowledge-based component from an expert skill in such a form that the system can offer intelligent advice or make an intelligent decision about a processing function.
Page 90 - Emissivity The ratio of the radiation emitted by a surface to the radiation emitted by a perfect blackbody radiator at the same temperature (Lapedes).
Page 249 - They have good energy density and cycle life. 1979 silviculture The theory and practice of controlling the establishment, composition, and growth of stands of trees for the harvesting of foliage limbs, and possibly the trees themselves for biomass.
Page 190 - A collection of computer programs that controls the overall operation of a computer and performs such tasks as assigning places in memory to programs and data, processing interrupts, scheduling jobs, and controlling the overall input/output of the system.

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