Deflectors: Webster's Facts and Phrases

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Use in Literature DeflectionsThis factor would explain the oscillations and deflections which Comte admits in the movement of historical progression.ndash;J.B. Bury in The Idea Of Progress.In the afternoon the returning prodigal made constant deflections from his course to see if by ascending some hillock he might not pierce the distance and catch a glimpse of his home.ndash;Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) in The Prince and the Pauper.In some cases, the initiative in activity is on the side of the environment; the human being undergoes or suffers certain checkings and deflections of endeavors.ndash;John Dewey in Democracy and Education.Even his loyalty to his friends was subject to the slight magnetic deflections of a man of moods.ndash;Franklin K. Lane in Letters of Franklin K. Lane.There we can read the law of morality, and by our deflections from it we can measure the amount of our guilt.ndash;Alexander Maclaren in Expositions of Holy Scripture (Deuteronomy, Joshua, Judges, Ruth, Samuel I and II, Kings I, and Kings II chapters 1 to 7).This arrangement tends to obviate any misleading deflections that might arise through changes in the battery.ndash;Dyer and Martin in Edison, His Life and Inventions.The measurement of the magnetic and electric deflections gave two independent relations between the unknowns, which could therefore be determined.ndash;A.C. Seward in Darwin and Modern Science.The electric and magnetic deflections give two independent measurements which may be made on a cathode ray, and both the deflections involve theoretically three unknown quantities, the mass of the particles, their electric charge and their velocity.ndash;A.C. Seward in Darwin and Modern Science.The distance between Bombay and Calcutta, as the bird flies, is only from one thousand to eleven hundred miles; but the deflections of the road increase this distance by more than a third.ndash;Jules Verne in Around the World in 80 Days.This fact had been shown quite conclusively by the enormous deflections that had at last swung it round squarely at our world.ndash;H.G. Wells in In the Days of the Comet. Nonfiction Usage Patent UsageA Piezoelectric Actuator: Patented by Andrew N. Dames on June 19, 2002. Abstract: An actuator comprises a laminate of interleaved layers of electrode plates and piezoelectric material; wherein an upper region (in use) of electrode plates is adapted when energised to effect deflections in up and down directions; a lower region of electrode plates is adapted when energised to effect deflections in up and down directions; and one or more further regions of electrode plates are adapted when energised to effect deflections in left and right directions.

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