Defying Disaffection: How Schools are Winning the Hearts and Minds of Reluctant Students

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Trentham Books, 1999 - Education - 161 pages
This book examines a number of models being tried in the US to tackle disaffection. Many of public schools represent the nadir in education, where every year graduates leave high school unable to read or write - yet it is also where some of the most enlightened and radical approaches can be found on how to make schools relevant and dynamic for pupils. Reva Klein tells us: what it feels like to be turned off from school; why it happens to so many children; what schools are doing in the US and Britain to re-engage children in their education. She describes new curricula and methodologies which allow students to develop their potential through non-traditional routes; and combines sound research with sharp observation and lively engaging writing. Disaffection is endemic in education systems in the West. It affects middle class young people as it does the working class, and is not race specific. The wastage of real talent and the drift into crime that is virulent in most developed countries are a threat to our future but it can, as the case studies in Defying Disaffection demonstrate, be prevented. Because of the sheer degradation of parts of the U.S. public school system, certain educationalists have taken radical steps, successfully changing schools to meet the needs of their at-risk pupils. This book describes successful strategies based on: - the creation of small schools, - the construction of new curricula that reflect students' heritage, - and methodologies which allow students to develop their potential through non-traditional routes This award-winning journalist combines sound research with sharp observation of the real world and lively and engaging writing. Essential reading for everyone concerned with education -- teachers, principals, policy makers, social workers, and parents.

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