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Nonfiction Usage Script UsageOkay, so what you want to do is this: You want to attack at the most vulnerable spot. Come at it from this angle and locate the automatic flip-flop override device here, which in turn will diffuse the antigyroscopic preinterface thruster chamber, and the pneaumatic centripetal antigravity shield deflectors, then you simply deactivate the axial gyro-presubinertia-photomegatronic oscillator that you see here.ndash;Ernie Fosselius in Hardware WarsJournalism UsageMississippi - News: December 16, 2001 - Headline: US Army Engineers Use Models to Solve Waterway Problems. Excerpt: Whatever the root of the problem, scientists here in Mississippi are studying ways to ease the salmon's journey. They're testing miniature deflectors and what are called fish ladders.Patent UsageAbsorber for Use in Absorption Refrigeration and Heat Pump Systems: Patented by Benjamin A. Phillips on April 7, 2000. Abstract: Apparatus designs for ammonia-water generator-absorber-heat exchange (GAX) systems. Embodiments include knurled (20) inner housing surfaces, flow deflectors (30), and various heat transfer heating coil designs and configurations, all of which are intended to improve and increase heat and mass transfer in ammonia-water GAX systems.Acousto-optical device using a superlattice as the interaction meduim: Patented by Jianjun He and Jacques Sapriel on June 4, 1990. Abstract: This device comprises a photoelastic interaction medium between an incident light beam (28) and at least one acoustic or sound wave, as well as means (4, 6) for producing the acoustic or sound wave. The interaction medium is a superlattice (18), which is transparent to the light beam and whose period is close to an integral multiple of half the wavelength of the light beam in the superlattice. Application to the production of acousto-optical deflectors and modulators.Adjustable gas pressure deflector: Patented by Phillip C. Martel on April 7, 1995. Abstract: A gas pressure deflector system mounted on the exterior of a muzzle brake for a firearm barrel. The gas pressure deflector system comprises two deflectors adjustably positioned along the longitudinal axis of the brake to bracket the muzzle brake vent apertures. The deflectors create a pressure equalizing trap serving to smooth out the pressure pulse differential occurring along the muzzle brake gas venting region when a bullet is fired, thereby enhancing bullet accuracy and reducing recoil.Adjustable homogenizer device: Patented by Donald Winslow on March 1, 1999. Abstract: An emulsification device having a mobile frame, mobile fluid deflectors, and stationary fluid deflectors, with the fluid shear deflectors being positioned in the outer periphery of the interior of the device, and with minimal flow resistance from factors other than the deflectors. Flow of component fluids passes directly through the fluid shear areas, with a minimal flow path through other flow resisting structures.Air bar: Patented by John W. Hungerford on March 5, 1994. Abstract: An air bar for mounting in the ceiling system of a structure. The air bar is characterized by a pair of inwardly facing, angled and spaced air deflectors fitted with horizontally shaped top and bottom spacers at each end thereof. A barbell shaped pattern controller is laterally slidably mounted between the spacers and extends substantially throughout the length of the air deflectors, to deflect air flowing through the air bar and directionally distribute the air through an air slot between the air deflectors, into the structure.An Angular Alignement of the Ion Detector Surface in Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometers: Patented by Thomas Dresch on August 11, 1997. Abstract: Electrostatic deflectors (11, 12) are used in a time of flight mass spectrometer to steer ions (41) into a detector (40) positioned at the end of a drift region (28); where the detector (40) is tilted in relation with the steered ion beam (41) in a manner which improves m

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