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Use in Literature DeformationsHe realises disproportions and deformations which must have existed in nature as mere inclinations, but which have not succeeded in coming to a head, being held in check by a higher force.ndash;Henri Bergson in Laughter.Leaders and agitators, subjugated by this higher idea, take hold of it, distort it and create a sect which distorts it afresh, and then propagates it amongst the masses, who carry the process of deformation still further.ndash;Gustave le Bon in The Crowd, Study of Popular Mind.That's a case of deformation of character, any way.ndash;Charles Dickens in Our Mutual Friend.As we might infer from what we know as to their causes, earthquakes are most frequent in regions now undergoing deformation.ndash;W.H. Norton in The Elements of Geology.All the facts known with regard to rock deformation agree that it is a secular process, taking place so slowly that, like the deepening of valleys by erosion, it escapes the notice of the inhabitants of the region.ndash;W.H. Norton in The Elements of Geology.Even the Appalachian deformation was not accompanied by any volcanic outbursts.ndash;W.H. Norton in The Elements of Geology.It was on the eastern side next the buttress of the land that the deformation was the greatest, and the folds most steep and close.ndash;W.H. Norton in The Elements of Geology.In many localities this relation is proved by the phenomena of contact; but for the most part the deformations which the rocks have since suffered again and again have been sufficient to destroy such evidence if it ever existed.ndash;W.H. Norton in The Elements of Geology.It is largely by means of unconformities that we read the history of mountain making and other deformations and movements of the crust.ndash;W.H. Norton in The Elements of Geology.Immense bodies of molten rock were intruded into the crust as it suffered deformation, and these appear in the large areas of granite which the later denudation of the range has brought to light.ndash;W.H. Norton in The Elements of Geology.

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