Delicious Darkness

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STARbooks Press, 2011 - Fiction - 266 pages
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Go bottoms up for demons, ghosts, immortals, space aliens, elves, and magical devices! Delicious Darkness is too hot to read with your clothes on. Darkly lurid, deliciously homoerotic, hilariously funny, and tantalizingly explicit - in these stories, David Holly's guys put out for a series of fantastic beings from mythology, folklore, and superstition. Bizarre plots and odd characters sprinkled with some of the most sizzling gay sex scenes ever written will entice you out of your shorts. In a collection of stories so hot they'll scorch your underwear, David Holly's characters go bottoms up for demons, ghosts, immortals, space aliens, elves and magical devices. --Bram and his depraved cousin Syl demand sexual slavery from two demons, but when an accident puts the guys at the mercy of their evangelical parents, their loyal demons rescue them. --Ross and his friends slip naked through a desert rock cropping and emerge in an exotic realm populated by fairy men, who insist that the guys must receive a permanent anally orgasmic enhancement. --Tim's favorite school uniform is his spankers, magical briefs that give wearers wild nights of sexual stimulation. --An immortal pickpocket turns any man who penetrates him into compulsive butt slut, as a revengeful street gang and the guards and inmates at the city jail soon learn. --Some college boys offend a witch, so "she" and her coven of Chicks with Dicks make the guys their play toys. --When Derek spends the summer at his wealthy grandmother's house, he meets his Uncle Horny, a demon of fellatio. --Following a traffic accident, Garrett wakes up in Hell, where he has been selected to become a sex slave. The Lords of Hell expect him to loathe his initiation, but Garrett enjoys every second of his eternal damnation. The stories in Delicious Darkness will have you saying, "I wish that would happen to me!"

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