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Use in Literature DelineationsThe latter work possessed a singular fascination for me, on account of its wonderful delineations of the torments of the nether world.ndash;George Borrow in Lavengro.Some of the delineations are highly pictorial, flooded with a deep ruddy effulgence; betokening much wealth, in the crude or the ripe state.ndash;Thomas Carlyle in The Life of John Sterling.The robust homely vigor of the Norse heart attaches one much, in these delineations.ndash;Thomas Carlyle in Heroes and Hero Worship.The margins, which are broad, display a great variety of chaste and beautiful delineations in liquid gold, no two pages being alike.ndash;David N. Carvalho in Forty Centuries of Ink.But he is not a poet of high imagination; he is like a Flemish painter, in whose delineations objects appear as they do in nature, have the same force and truth, and produce the same effect upon the spectator.ndash;Samuel Taylor Coleridge in Poems of Coleridge.In these prehistoric delineations, sometimes not without spirit, we have mammoths, combats of reindeer.ndash;Draper in History of the Conflict Between Religion and Science.The first delineations presented to the public, marked out, as I have said, the scull into compartments, in the same manner as a country delineated on a map is divided into districts.ndash;William Godwin in Thoughts on Man, His Nature, etc.The delineations of these subjects were easily intelligible to the masses.ndash;Nikolai Gogol in Taras Bulba, et. al.It is true, nevertheless, that some grave, positive, stark, delineations are interspersed among those of the passive, lighter, and traditional sort presumably nearer to stereotyped tastes.ndash;Thomas Hardy in Late Lyrics and Earlier.He used stronger language at times than was necessary, coloring too highly, shading too deeply in his pictorial delineations.ndash;Oliver Wendell Holmes in Memoir of John L. Motley, vol 2.

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