Deming The Way We Knew Him

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CRC Press, Feb 28, 1995 - Business & Economics - 192 pages
Perhaps no other person in the history of modern business has so profoundly affected the methods of quality improvement in industry than W. Edwards Deming. The subject of many books, articles, and television documentaries, Dr. Deming has become the world-recognized leader of the quality movement in industry.
For the first time anywhere, the fascinating story of how Dr. Deming's legend grew is told from an unprecedented perspective in a new book, Deming: The Way We Knew Him. Each of the 14 chapters in this compelling volume focuses on and relates to one of Deming's notable 14 points, with each chapter written by a world renowned expert or pioneer in the quality movement.
Chapters begin with a brief explanation of the Deming philosophy, followed by a personal account from those who knew and were close to Dr. Deming.
This remarkable tribute summming up Deming's unusual deeds, character, and position in life is written in the words and perspectives of experts such as Myron Tribus, Homer Sarasohn, Howard Gitlow, Mary Walton, David and Carol Schwinn, Nancy Mann, and others.
By building these personal testimonies around his philosophy and concepts, this book weaves a unique consistency and deeper understanding of Deming and his genius. New insights and a wealth of information about this celebrated man ensures that this work breakthroughs the standards of anything else written on Deming. Highly readable as a collection of essays rich with special, personal observances on the life, times, and innovative genius of Deming, this book has a universal appeal that guarantees its place as a valuable contribution to the literature on this great man.

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One of the critical needs of our era is CLEAR and CONCISE summaries of important works and philosophies. Don't read OUT OF THE CRISIS by Deming. Read this book and Howard Gitlow's books about Deming. By reading AROUND Deming, you will find his essence. Frank Voehl did an excellent service by collecting the memories of Carol and Dave Schwinn, Myron Tribus, May Lum Gould, Jay Gould, Mary Walton, Louis Schultz, Rv. August W. Peters, Jr., Lisa McNary, Nancy Mann, Ernest Kurnow, Homer Sarasohn, Howard Gitlow, Gerald Glasser, Hana Tomasek, and Maureen Glassman.
Look at the boxes in this book, especially page 13: "The biggest problem that most company faces is... self-inflected. To get back on track, a new philosophy is needed: continuous improvement, starting with management." W Edwards Deming
Voehl and his associates make Deming accessible with bite-sized excerpts. Daniel Pink in A Whole New Mind points out the need for "STORY," as a vehicle for conveying ideas. Dennis Littky, founder of the chain of Big Picture high schools, says that stories convey culture. In order to transform an organization's culture, new stories are needed. THIS BOOK HAS STORIES THAT CAN TRANSFORM YOUR ORGANIZATION.
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Best wishes to teachers, parents, taxpayers, investors and shareholders. This book is for you.


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