Democracy Works: Joining Theory and Action to Foster Global Change

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Routledge, 03 դեկ, 2015 թ. - 272 էջ
Throughout the world, from the United States to Tanzania, Chechnya, and Sri Lanka, people increasingly work together and take actions to improve their lives, end inequality, and change global society. Action groups and movements see dialogue and learning as important ways to extend democracy and, with their inclusiveness, remake society. By putting strategy with theory, local groups and movements are able to begin making changes in civil society and institutions that allow people to begin living in new ways. Written for activists, people, and students interested in change, this book takes readers on a journey of discovery as it shows how various groups have brought theory and action together to make urban, rural, and transnational change. The case studies and explanatory articles reveal how feminist, antiracist, ecological, and peace movements reinforce each other to initiate and achieve well-placed and enduring change.


Participatory ActionResearch Inclusiveness and Empowering
Deliberative Democracy as a Foundation for Sustainable Social Change
Democracy and the Fear of Freedom as Political
Changing the Intersecting Global Institutions of Firm Market State
Defining Nonviolence as a Language and Strategy
Womens CivilSocietal Movements for Peace in Chechnya and Russia
Becoming an Activist for Global Gender Change
Comercio con Justicia and Theory in Action at a Guatemalan Womens
Education for Life at Danish Folk Schools and Highlander
Terrie A Becerra
Building Feminism Redesigning Water Governance in SubSaharan
Ecofeminism as the Heart of Progressive
The Evolution of an AgriculturalEnvironmental Ethic
Social Change through Sustainable Agriculture and Sustainable
The Small Farmers Movement of Cajibío Colombia and the Central
Changing Intersecting Institutions Reinventing Society

The Corporatization of Fair Trade Small Farmers Alienated Consumers
Rebuilding Civil Society Reclaiming the Civil Commons

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Authored by Dickinson, Torry D.; Becerra, Terrie A.; Lewis, Summer B.C.

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