Demonstration of Public-library Service: Hearing Before a Subcommittee of the Committee on Labor and Public Welfare, United States Senate, Eightieth Congress, First Session, on S.48, a Bill to Provide for the Demonstration of Public-library Service in Areas Without Such Service Or with Inadequate Library Facilities. May 16, 1947

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Page 33 - It provides for interstate library cooperation and the development of public, school, and other library service throughout the country. It does it in a way that will at once be effective and economical, and will take, advantage of all of the body of knowledge prepared and developed by the librarians of the country in the extension of library service. The
Page 29 - librarians, libraries, library trustees, and other friends of libraries primarily of the United States and Canada. It is the chief spokesman for the modern library movement in North America and to a considerable extent throughout the world. The history of the association is the history of the evolution of modern librarianship.
Page 2 - to develop and adopt plans to provide more adequate library service for all residents of the State, giving special consideration to some system of regional libraries or other agencies whereby better library service than now possible can be given to the people of the State, especially to rural schools and farm homes.
Page 12 - materials, it makes an educational Instrument out of a welter of records. By providing a staff able to interpret materials! it eliminates the gaps between the seeker and the sources of enlightenment. When animat'ed by a sense of purpose, reading skill, and community
Page 33 - making surveys, studies, Investigations, and reports regarding public, school, college, university, and other libraries ; fostering coordination of public and school library service: coordinating library service on a national level with other forms of adult education ; developing library participation in Federal projects ; fostering Nation-wide coordination of research materials among the more scholarly libraries, interstate library cooperation and the development of public, school, and other library...
Page 28 - an enabling act empowering the State library to accept and administer State and Federal aid, directed the State library board to use the fund "to increase, improve, stimulate, and equalize library service to the people of the whole State.
Page 12 - The objectives of the public library are many and various. But in essence they are two—to promote enlightened citizenship and to enrich personal life. They have to do with the twin pillars of the American way, the democratic process of group life and the sanctity and dignity of the individual person. The public library serves these objectives by the diffusion of information and ideas. By selecting and
Page 23 - STATEMENT OF RUSSELL SMITH, LEGISLATIVE SECRETARY, NATIONAL FARMERS UNION Mr. Smith. Mr. Chairman, my name is Russell Smith. I am legislative secretary of the National Farmers Union.
Page 12 - the public library constitutes an important and unique service agency for the citizen. Lacking these attributes, it is a passive badge of culture tolerated by an indifferent populace. The
Page 28 - The State library board, which allocates funds under a very general law, has emphasized grants to one strong library in each county to enable it to extend service to rural areas, with complete service on a county or regional basis

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