Department of Defense Appropriations, Части 3-4

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Стр. 550 - V" and gold star In lieu of a second award, the Bronze Star Medal with Combat "V...
Стр. 277 - Our long-term goal Is to be able to meet the demands of a worldwide war, Including concurrent reinforcement of Europe, deployment to Southwest Asia (SWA), and support In other potential areas of conflict.
Стр. 576 - Military Personnel, Army Military Personnel, Navy Military Personnel, Marine Corps Military Personnel, Air Force Reserve Personnel, Army Reserve Personnel, Navy Reserve Personnel, Marine Corps Reserve Personnel, Air Force National Guard Personnel, Army National Guard Personnel, Air Force...
Стр. 408 - In summary, while the wartime role of the Air Force Reserve continues to expand within the Total Force, we will continue to modernize our equipment, improve our management structure and recruit the people needed to assure a fully responsive, combat ready force. The requested average Selected Reserve strength of 57,353 in fiscal year 1980 will enable the Air Force Reserve to achieve these goals.
Стр. 407 - This was a net gain for the year of 2,777 people or 5.1 percent. I believe this attests to our ability to attract and retain motivated and dedicated young people. The combination of recruiting efforts and our retention program made it possible for us to exceed our programmed end strength. At the same time we increased the quality of our Force as evidenced by the fact that 89 percent of all nonprior service enlistments were high school graduates.
Стр. 513 - Forces consist of the Army National Guard, Army Reserve, Naval Reserve, Marine Corps Reserve, Air National Guard, Air Force Reserve, and Coast Guard Reserve.
Стр. 348 - J. PHILBIN DEPUTY ASSISTANT SECRETARY OF DEFENSE (RESERVE AFFAIRS) Mr. Chairman, Members of the Subcommittee; I am grateful for this opportunity to...
Стр. 284 - Clark, assistant to the president of the Shipbuilders Council of America, a national industry association composed of major shipyards in all sections of the country.
Стр. 294 - Mr. Chairman and Members of the Committee: It is a pleasure to have the opportunity to appear before this...

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