Department of Defense Appropriations for 1951: Hearings ... 81st Congress, 2d Session, Parts 1-2

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Page 346 - I would like to invite your attention to the fact that the ration value in this estimate is approximately 4 cents below the current ration value.
Page 120 - Statutory positions Include the Secretary of Defense, the Deputy Secretary of Defense, the 3 Assistant Secretaries of Defense, the Chairman of the Munitions Board, the Chairman of the Research and Development Board and 6 scientific and professional positions. DISTRIBUTION OF PERSONNEL ON BOARDS NOW ABOLISHED Mr. ENGEL. You state, Mr. Secretary, if I understand you correctly, that the personnel that you had in these boards that were abolished, the 185 or 190, were made available to other offices....
Page 467 - GENERAL STATEMENT We appreciate your appearance before the committee, Colonel. Do you have a prepared statement that you would like to make? Colonel McCuRDEY. Yes, sir. FISCAL YEAR DATA AND COSTS 1 . The Recruiting Service is responsible for securing the best qualified volunteers for enlistment for active service for both the Army and the Air Force. This is a joint activity operating under the direction of the Secretary of the Army. 2. During fiscal year 1949 the Recruiting Service obtained 363,327...
Page 482 - Research on tropical and arctic shelters, to include design, new materials, weight variations, heat losses, heat distribution, and insulation. 6. Laboratory operations, $331,000 The Research and Development Branch of the Office of the Quartermaster General...
Page 145 - ... property utilization, or the task of seeing that property is efficiently used and is suitably disposed of when no longer needed. The above may be regarded as the seven essential phases of a supply operation. All of them are important, and without proper progress in each of them we cannot satisfy ourselves that we are effectively managing our supply system.
Page 192 - ... defense against biological warfare. This program is designed to take full advantage of scientific information and discoveries generated by past years' investments in basic research. The specific projects involved have been reviewed and approved by the Navy Research and Development Review Board and the Research and Development Board of the Office of the Secretary of Defense. (2) A nonrecurring item of $20,000,000 for the purpose of increasing the contract life of basic research projects to an...
Page 42 - Off the record. (Discussion off the record.) Mr. SHEPPARD. I have no further questions. Mr. MAHON. Thank you very much, gentlemen. Mr. MCLAUGHLIN. Mr. Chairman, I would like to leave with the committee, if they desire it, a "Restricted" statement on this feasibility operation.
Page 48 - This budget provides $11,400,000 for the operation of the Office of the Secretary of Defense, including the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Research and Development Board, the Munitions Board, and other boards and staffs.
Page 155 - World War II was the first war in human history to be affected decisively by weapons unknown at the outbreak of hostilities. This is probably the most significant military fact of our decade : That upon the current evolution of the instrumentalities of war, the strategy and tactics of warfare must now be conditioned.
Page 47 - While funds for stock piling of strategic and critical materials are not included in the $18,000,000,000 budget for the Department of Defense, we consider this a matter of vital importance in the total mobilization picture, and of primary importance in an emergency. As the President stated in his message to the Congress. $500,000,000 additional authority has been requested in the 15)51 budget.

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