Departments of State, Justice, and Commerce, the Judiciary, and Related Agencies Appropriations for ...: Hearings Before a Subcommittee of the Committee on Appropriations, House of Representatives

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Page 871 - Government service, and it prompts our united and vigorous support for the program today. I would be less than frank if I did not say that our action is also motivated by the consideration to which I alluded earlier—the continuation of the efforts by those who are partial to the other
Page 57 - for language The law requires that all money transactions of the aviation war risk insurance program be within a revolving fund in the Treasury of the United States 'sec. 1306). Section 1307(F) further requires that a budget program for this revolving fund be submitted annually as provided for wholly owned Government corporations by the Government. Corporation Control Act as amended (31 USC
Page 72 - Mr. RAUNER. Let me clarify it, sir. We are constrained to deal with areas no smaller than a labor area as defined by the Secretary of Labor, a county, or a municipality with a population of over 250.000. In those terms, we are not permitted to deal with a small portion of a county as you have
Page 694 - Total operating costs, funded Capital outlay: 1. Merchant marine directed research ... (b) Reduction of operating costs at sea. ... Total capital outlay Total program costs, funded Change in selected resources 1 10 Total obligations Financing: 21 Unobligated balance available, start of year. 24 Unobligated balance available, end of year . . 40 New obligational authority
Page 867 - as conducted by the Bureau of the Census of the US Department of Commerce has provided a basic service to the churches of all faiths as well as to social scientists and the general
Page 16 - changes—railroad mergers, for example—at all levels of the economy Thank you, Mr. Chairman, I shall be glad to answer any questions you or any members of the committee may have. Mr. ROONEY. Beyond the item for export control and the item
Page 44 - the principal adviser to the Secretary on all scientific and technological matters of concern to the Department, and serves as adviser to all departmental officials with respect to matters of science and technology. He exercises policy direction and general supervision over the National Bureau of Standards, the Coast and Geodetic Survey, the Weather Bureau, and the Patent Office.
Page 144 - The function of the Office of Business Economics is to provide a clear picture of the state of the US economy through the preparation, development, and interpretation of the national economic accounts. Its current work in this field covers the overall national income and product accounts summarized by the gross national product; the
Page 376 - York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Texas Utah Virginia. West Virginia Wisconsin Puerto Rico Total
Page 30 - the region; Provide a forum for consideration of problems of the region and proposed solutions and establish and utilize, as appropriate, citizens and special advisory councils and public conferences. The potential impact of such a planning effort far exceeds the resources that might be allocated directly to the commission. Such an agency can become the critical instrument, in promoting regional economic development.

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