Departments of State and Justice, the Judiciary, and Related Agencies Appropriations: the Judiciary: Hearing Before Subcommittee of Committee on Appropriations, House of Representatives

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1946
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48 페이지 - States (including the District Court of the United States for the District of Columbia) within any district...
26 페이지 - Fifth circuit Alabama: Northern Middle Southern Florida: Northern Southern Georgia: Northern Middle Southern Louisiana: Eastern Western Mississippi: Northern Southern Texas: Northern..
18 페이지 - Hawaii: For salaries of the chief justice and two associate justices of the Supreme Court of the Territory of Hawaii, of judges of the circuit courts in Hawaii, and of judges retired under the Act of May 31, 1938, $96,500.
81 페이지 - Thank you, Mr. Chairman, and all of the members of the committee, and may I say just one final word, Mr.
82 페이지 - Malone serves the subcommittee in charge of the appropriation bill for the Departments of State, Justice, Commerce, and...
58 페이지 - Columbia, shall appoint one or more court reporters for the district court in the manner provided for the appointment of the clerks of said courts. The persons to be so appointed shall possess the qualifications necessary for the satisfactory performance of the duties specified in subdivision (b) of this section, to be determined by standards which shall be formulated from time to time by the judicial conference, and shall take an oath to perform faithfully such duties. The number of reporters to...
15 페이지 - ... with a view to eliminating the topics that do not seem to bring satisfactory results and to elaborating those that seem to be more valuable. X. ADVANCED CLASS IN HYGIENE. In addition to teaching such facts and principles as we consider of importance to our pupils in connection with the subject matter, it seems to me that it is part of our business to develop a dynamic attitude toward all thought. It would seem out of the question for us to give any considerable time in our schools to the study...
14 페이지 - Mr. PALMER. I think there is a great deal in what you say, but there is a condition here in Washington that you have not yet adverted to. There is a large group of Representatives in Congress from the Southern States, all of whom insist that cotton ties ought to be on the free list. Mr. ROSE. Mr. Palmer, may I interpose right there ? Mr. PALMER. Yes. Mr. ROSE.
26 페이지 - SIXTH CIRCUIT Kentucky: Eastern Western Michigan: Eastern , Western Ohio: Northern Southern Tennessee: Eastern... Middle-.-. Western... SEVENTH CIRCUIT Illinois: Northern Eastern . Southern 1 ndiana: Northern Southern Wisconsin: Eastern...
82 페이지 - ... by securing the Patent printing (Specifications and Gazette) by private contract The demand is made annually to reduce the expenditure for the printing of the Patent Specifications and Official Gazette. The demands have been met to a large degree.

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