Descriptive Catalogue of Farms in Massachusetts: Abandoned Or Partially Abandoned

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Page 17 - Said board is hereby authorized and directed to expend, upon the application of the board of library trustees of any town having no free public library owned and controlled by the town, a sum not exceeding one hundred dollars for books for any such town entitled to the benefits of this act ; such books to be used by said trustees for the purpose of establishing a free public library, and said commissioners shall select and purchase all books to be provided as aforesaid.
Page 16 - The remainder of said half shall be distributed to all towns whose valuation does not exceed three million dollars and whose annual tax rate for the support of public schools is not less than one sixth of their whole tax rate for the year...
Page 4 - Commonwealth through the repopulating of abandoned or partially abandoned farms, and cause the facts obtained, and a statement of the advantages offered, to be circulated where and in such manner as the said board may consider for the best interests of the Commonwealth.
Page 16 - April, certify under oath, the numbers so ascertained and recorded, and also the sum raised by such city or town for the support of schools during the preceding school year, including only wages and board of teachers, fuel for the schools, and care of the fires and school-rooms, and they shall transmit such certificate to the secretary of the board of education.
Page 15 - Commonwealth require every town to maintain a sufficient number of schools for all the children who may legally attend them.
Page 4 - ... assistance as may be necessary. Suitable offices shall be provided in the state house for the persons so employed. SECTION 2. The employment of any such examiners and clerks may be discontinued by the insurance commissioner whenever he deems that such employment is no longer necessary. SECTION 3. To carry out the provisions of section one of this act, a sum not exceeding eight thousand dollars may be expended for clerical and other necessary assistance, and for necessary incidental expenses,...
Page 4 - Legislature for one thousand dollars, under the act of the year 1891, "to authorize the State Board of Agriculture to collect and circulate information relating to abandoned farms
Page 17 - There are now 175 towns and cities having free public libraries under municipal control, and 248 of the 351 towns and cities contain libraries in which the people have rights or free privileges. There are about 2,500,000 volumes in these libraries, available for the use of 2,104,224 of the 2,238,943 inhabitants which the State contains according to the census of 1890. " The gifts of individuals in money, not including gifts of books, for libraries and library buildings, exceed five and a half million...
Page 3 - Abandoned culture consider the expediency of such legislation as will provide for ascertaining the number, location, value and other facts pertaining to the abandoned farms and farm lands in the State ; also the most effective method of securing their re-occupancy.
Page 10 - By abandoned farms are meant those formerly cultivated but now deserted, upon which cultivation is now abandoned, and the buildings, if any, unoccupied and permitted to fall into decay.

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