Descriptive Guide to the Adirondacks: (land of the Thousand Lakes) and to Saratoga Springs; Schroon Lake; Lakes Luzerne, George, and Champlain; the Ausable Chasm; the Thousand Islands; Massena Springs; and Trenton Falls

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Page 4 - and thy soul from sleep, Go to the woods and hills ! No tears Dim the sweet look that Nature wears. — Longfellow.
Page 294 - warrior looked amazed, Despite the stoic calmness of his race ; No word he spoke, but long the Indian gazed In moody silence in the woman's face. '• What think you now?" the lady gayly said ; " Safely to land your frail canoe is brought ! No harm, you see, has touched a single head ; So superstition
Page 280 - preserves the same wild and racy character of beauty. Varying in size from a mile in length, to the circumference of a tea-table, these little islets present the most multiplied changes of surface and aspect— upon some only moss and flowers, upon others a miniature forest, with its outer
Page 369 - of results. Any time within two hours you may be on the very threshold of success without there being any sign of it.
Page 294 - A lady stands beside the silver lake ; '•What," said the Mohawk, "wouldst thou have me do?" "Across the water, sir, be pleased to take Me and my children in thy bark canoe." "Ah!" said the Chief, •' thou knowest not, I think, The legend of the lake : hast ever heard That in its wave the stoutest boat will sink If any passenger should
Page 336 - a magnificent amphitheatre of lake opens out before you. This, again, to all appearance, is bounded by a dense green bank ; but at your approach, the mass is moved, as if in a kaleidoscope, and a hundred beautiful little isles appear in its place. Such, for
Page 97 - But the stars looked down with pitying eyes, And the chill winds passed with a wailing sound O'er the lonely spot where his form was found.
Page 281 - like a fair Naiad of the Wilderness, it slumbered between the guardian mountains that breathe from crag and forest the stern poetry of war,
Page 368 - One side of a man always tends to outwalk the other, so that no person can walk far in a straight line if he is blindfolded.
Page 97 - Found dead and alone ! Nobody heard his last faint groan, Or knew when his sad heart ceased to beat; No mourner lingered with tears or

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