Design of a period batch control planning system for cellular manufacturing

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[University Library Groningen] [Host], 2001 - Manufacturing cells - 275 pages
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Page 5 - The constant repetition of the same process necessarily produces in the workman a degree of excellence and rapidity in his particular department, which is never possessed by one person who is obliged to execute many different processes.
Page 5 - Suppose, for instance, the colliers were to 'strike' for an advance of wages— unless there was a stock of coal above ground, the furnaces must be stopped, and the miners also would be thrown out of employ. Now the cost of keeping a stock of iron ore, or of coals above ground, is just the same as that of keeping in a drawer, unemployed, its value in money, (except, indeed, that the coal suffers a small deterioration by exposure to the elements). The interest of this sum must, therefore, be considered...
Page 265 - Toyota Production System, Industrial Engineering and Management Press, Institute of Industrial Engineers, Norcross, GA.
Page 82 - MRP also assumes that the bill of material accurately reflects this flow. Thus the bill of material is expected to specify not only the composition of a product but also the process stages in that product's manufacture.
Page 5 - Certainly the most marked outward characteristic of functional management lies in the fact that each workman, instead of coming in direct contact with the management at one point only, namely, through his gang boss, receives his daily orders and help directly from eight different bosses, each of whom performs his own particular function.
Page 60 - Product A Product B Product C Product D Product E Product F...
Page 44 - See product load profile. bill of material, A listing of all the sub-assemblies, parts and raw materials that go into a parent assembly showing the quantity of each required to make an assembly.
Page 82 - The structure defines the relationship among the various items that make up the product in terms of levels, as well as the parent item/component item relationships. These things are vital for material requirements planning because they establish, in conjunction with lead times, the precise timing of requirements, order releases, and order priorities. The product represented by Figure 1 has four levels of manufacture. The end product is designated, by convention, as being at level zero, its immediate...
Page 4 - passing from one species of work to another," and "the invention of a great number of machines which facilitate and abridge labor, and enable one man to do the work of many.
Page 82 - The Bill of material should reflect, through its level structure, the way material flows in and out of stock. The term "stock" in this connection does not necessarily mean a stockroom but rather a state of completion.

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