Design of dynamos

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Spon & Chamberlain, 1903 - Technology & Engineering - 253 pages
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Page 291 - Calculus,' etc. Second edition, crown 8vo, cloth, 2s. 6d. CONTENTS : Symbols and the Signs of Operation — The Equation and the Unknown Quantity — Positive and Negative Quantities — Multiplication — Involution — Exponents — Negative Exponents — Roots, and the Use of Exponents as Logarithms — Logarithms — Tables of Logarithms and Proportionate Parts — Transformation of System of Logarithms — Common Uses of Common Logarithms...
Page 307 - ELECTRIC GAS LIGHTING. How to install Electric gas igniting apparatus including the jump spark and multiple systems for all purposes.
Page 277 - CATALOGUE, which will be sent by mail, postage prepaid, to any address in the United States, on receipt of Ten cents.
Page 277 - Hanchett, George T.— Modern Electric Railway Motors The various commercial types of electric railway motors are described in full detail, including mounting and control. 200 pages, 157 illustrations 2 oo Handy Tables for Electrical and Steam Engineers 18 tables found to be useful in arriving at approximate results without extensive calculation. Pamphlet, 8vo, 16 pages 50 Hering, Carl— Electrochemical Equivalents i oo The Universal Wiring Computer.
Page 62 - ... wire on which it is wound, it follows that the weight of copper in a coil filling a bobbin of given dimensions will be the same, whether a thick wire or a thin one be employed. Further, for a given volume to be filled with coils, the number of ohms of resistance of the coil will vary directly as the square of the number of turns in the coil. For if a coil wound with 100 turns of a given gauge be rewound with 200 turns of a wire having half Amperes to be carried. Diameter of bure wire, in mils.
Page 297 - No attempt has been made to tell everything about any one particular subject, but the author has endeavored to give the student an idea of elementary thermodynamics, of the action of the steam in the cylinder of the engine, of the motion of the steam valve, of the differences between the various types of engines and boilers, of the generation of heat by combustion, and the conversion of water into steam. Care has been taken not to touch upon the design and proportion of the...
Page 286 - ... pickle, restoring color to gold, chromic acid, to mend steel springs, sweating metals together, retaining work in position, making joints, applying heat, preventing the loss of heat, effect of sulphur lead and zinc, to preserve precious stones, annealing and hardening, burnt iron, to hard solder after soft solder. Tables of — specific gravity, tenacity, fusibility, alloys. 66 pages, illustrated, cloth, 75 cents. For Soldering Receipts, Cements and Lutes, Pastes, Glues Ľnd such like, see WORKSHOP...
Page 308 - Pole-pieces ; Field-magnet Coils ; Armature Cores and Coils ; Commutator Collectors and Brushes ; Relation of size to efficiency ; Methods of exciting Field-Magnets; Magneto-Dynamos ; Separately excited Dynamos ; Shunt Dynamos ; Organs of Dynamos as constructed in practice ; Field-Magnets ; Armatures ; Collectors ; Brush Dynamo ; Second Class ; Alternate Currents ; Third Class.
Page 277 - Second edition, 144 illus. 330 pp- 8vo. (New York) ... ... ... net 10 6 Theory and Calculation of Alternating Current Phenomena. By CHARLES PROTEUS STEINMETZ. Third edition, 210 illus. 525 pp. demy 8vo. (New York) ... ... ... ... ... ... net 17 o Telegraphic Connections. By C. THOM and WH JONES. 20 plates, oblong 8vo (New York) 7 6 Rontgen Rays and Phenomena of the Anode and Cathode.
Page 291 - Barlow'* Tables of squares, cubes, square roots, cube roots, reciprocals of all numbers up to 10,000.

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