Development of Practical Economy in Distributing Electrical Engergy

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University of Wisconsin--Madison, 1904 - 90 pages

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Page 13 - C. by thermometer in other parts, after the period corresponding to the term of full load. In this instance, the test load should not be applied until the transformer has been in circuit for a sufficient time to attain the temperature elevation due to core loss. With transformers for commercial lighting, the duration of the full-load test may be taken as three hours, unless otherwise specified.
Page 39 - ... were selected may be rejected without further test when tests are made at the lamp factory. When the tests are made elsewhere, if the first test quantity proves unacceptable, 20 per cent, more lamps will be selected from the package or lot of lamps, and should 10 per cent, of this second lot of sample lamps be found to have any of the physical defects above mentioned, the entire lot from which these samples were selected may be rejected without further test.
Page 37 - ... lamps,, must be anchored. They must not droop appreciably during the life of the lamp when the lamps are run in a horizontal position. Each lamp must have its rated...
Page 38 - ... with the axis of the lamp vertical. When making this determination, the lamps shall be so placed in the photometer that the horizontal line through the center of the screen will cut the lamp bulb at its maximum diameter.
Page 42 - All lamps whose bulbs shall burst, or whose filaments shall break under rest or in transit, will be rejected from the delivery, and must be replaced at the expense of the contractor. In order to avoid duplication of the life test, no test will be made on any class of lamps, until the entire number of such lamps on any contract is delivered, unless it is specified in the...
Page 40 - ... lamps will be selected for life test. The lamps selected -for life test will be brought to that value at which the lamp burns at 3.1 watts per mean horizontal candlepower.
Page 39 - ... watts and physical characteristics, one lamp shall be selected and shall be known as a life lamp. This lamp shall be the one from each lot of...
Page 37 - The lamps must be made of the very best materials, and must be of the best quality and finish and uniform in size. The filaments must be centered in the bulb and.
Page 39 - Ъагге! or lot of 200 lamps shows a poor vacuum, a loose base, a spotted or discolored filament, or any other physical defect incompatible with good...
Page 38 - Prom each barrel or lot of 200 lamps there will be selected at random ten lamps for the purpose of determining the initial voltage, and the total watts at the rated candlepower, and the physical characteristics of the lamp.

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