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Theosophical Publishing House, 1918 - Dharma - 77 pages

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Page 27 - All this world, deluded by these natures made by the three qualities, knoweth not Me, above these, imperishable. This divine illusion of Mine, caused by the qualities, is hard to pierce; they who come to Me, they cross over this illusion.
Page 8 - Serenity, self-restraint, austerity, purity, forgiveness and also uprightness, wisdom, knowledge, belief in God, are the Brahmana duty, born of his own nature.
Page 4 - Keshava, is said to be acquainted with his duty who slays in battle his very preceptors, if they happen to be sinful and covetous and disregardful of restraints and vows . . . Ask me, O child, without any anxiety.
Page 7 - Better death in the discharge of one's own Dharma; the Dharma of another is full of danger...
Page 77 - Listen thou again to My supreme word, most secret of all; beloved art thou of Me, and steadfast of heart, therefore will I speak for thy benefit. Merge thy mind in Me, be My devotee, sacrifice to Me, prostrate thyself before Me, thou shalt come even to Me. I pledge thee My troth; thou art dear to Me. Abandoning all duties, come unto Me alone for shelter; sorrow not, I will liberate thee from all sins.
Page 7 - Better is one's own Dharma, though destitute of merits, than the well-executed Dharma of another. He who doeth the Karma laid down by his own nature incurreth not sin.
Page 24 - And whatsoever is the seed of all beings, that am I, O Arjuna; nor is there aught, moving or unmoving, that may exist bereft of Me.
Page 61 - It is growing from the mineral to the vegetable, from the vegetable to the animal, from the animal to the animal-man, and from the animal-man to the divine man.
Page 24 - I am the gambling of the cheat, and the splendour of splendid things I; I am victory, I am determination, and the truth of the truthful I.
Page 4 - Let the son of Pandu, in whom are intelligence, self-restraint, Brahmacharya, forgiveness, righteousness, mental vigour and energy, put questions to me. Let the son of Pandu, who always by his good offices honours his relatives and guests and servants and others that are dependent on him, put questions to me.

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