Diary illustrative of the times of George the fourth, interspersed with letters from queen Caroline and other persons [by lady C.S.M. Bury] (ed. by J. Galt).

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Strona 224 - It is my earnest prayer, for her own sake, as well as her country's, that your Royal Highness may be induced to pause before this point be reached. " Those who have advised you, sir, to delay so long the period of my daughter's commencing her intercourse with the world-, and for that purpose to make Windsor her residence, appear not to have regarded the interruptions to her education which this arrangement occasions; both by the impossibility of obtaining the attendance of proper teachers, and the...
Strona 131 - Such his person, next declare, Muse, who his companions are. Every fish of generous kind Scuds aside or slinks behind ; But about his presence keep All the monsters of the deep ; Mermaids with their .tails and singing His delighted fancy stinging; Crooked dolphins they surround him ; Dog-like seals they fawn around him.
Strona 131 - Montgomery's World before the Flood. ' lo ! Paean ! lo ! sing, To the finny people's king. Not a mightier whale than this In the vast Atlantic is ; Not a fatter fish than he, Flounders round the Polar Sea.
Strona 24 - I told him to make me a better pair, and send them to me. I brought letters from all the princes and princesses to him, from all the petty courts, and I tossed them to him and said ; ' There , that's to prove I'm not an impostor.
Strona 306 - After dinner, her Royal Highness made a wax figure as usual, and gave it an amiable addition of large horns ; then took three pins out of her garment, and stuck them through and through, and put the figure to roast and melt at the fire.
Strona 268 - ... other, are common to humanity. While opprobrium was heaped on the Princess of Wales, and the smallest offence against etiquette or propriety which she had committed, was magnified into crime, the Prince ran a career of lawless pleasure unrebuked, nay, even applauded ! How true is the proverb, " One man may steal a horse, and another may not look over a hedge.
Strona 219 - If her honour is invaded, the defence of her reputation is no longer a matter of choice; and it signifies not whether the attack be made openly, manfully, and directly — or by secret insinuation, and by holding such conduct towards her as countenances all the suspicions that malice can suggest. If these ought to be the feelings of every...
Strona 223 - Highness's attention from the other cares of your exalted station, I feel confident I am not claiming it for a matter of inferior importance either to yourself or your people. " The powers with which the Constitution of these realms vests your...
Strona 220 - At the expiration of the restrictions I still was inclined to delay taking this step, in the hope that I might owe the redress I sought to your gracious and unsolicited condescension. I have waited, in the fond indulgence of this expectation, until, to my inexpressible...
Strona 221 - Highness never could inflict upon me, if you were aware of its bitterness. Our intercourse has been gradually diminished ; — a single interview, weekly, seemed sufficiently hard allowance for a mother's affections ; — that, however, was reduced to our meeting once a fortnight, and I now learn, that even this most rigorous interdiction is to be still more rigidly enforced.

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