Diatribe: A Scathing Journey Into the Heart of the Financial and Banking Corporate Culture (and Related Digressions)

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Dog Ear Publishing, LLC, 2010 - 268 pages
DIATRIBE is a swashbuckling, fear-and-loath narrative that cuts through thetabloid-journalism and book-churning typical of financial scandals and economicdownturns, striking at the heart of the issues with a blazing sword of irony.Yet it retains a sense of sobriety, is deeply insightful, and even humble in its discourse. As the world takes pause after a series of economic flights and financial disasters, this memoir chronicles a 15-year professional journey from the pits of the Third World to the promise of the American dream-inside Citigroup, from its own journey as an innovative global banking company to its takeover by Wall Street, and its subsequent embodiment of the sins of capitalism.
Diatribe's point of view does not come from a Wall Street insider, journalist orpundit. Instead, the author hails from Main Street. His story touches on everyday salespeople as well as scandal-ridden executives. It speaks to the layman as much as to the expert. It presents probing questions: Have we lost the core element of vitality in the free-market ideal? Can technologies, bred as the hallmark of capitalism, scuttle its verve? And if so, what can we do to recover and to restore? While this book soothes with simplicity, it is as expansive as global economics, and as charged as the cauldron of high-stakes financial markets.
AMER CHAUDRI has worked in Finance and Banking for 15 years and onthree continents. He has worked as a Bankcards administrator, Treasury FundsManager, Branch Manager, Senior Financial Analyst and Region Finance Controller.He graduated from Boston College with a degree in Finance and InformationSystems. This is his first book. He is currently writing his second book. He lives and works in Rochester, NY, and Santa Clarita, CA with his wife and children.

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