Diccionario español e ingles,: conteniente la significacion y uso de las voces ... con la acentuacion de la Real Academia de Madrid, Volume 1

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A costa de Piestre y Delamolliere., 1786 - English language
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Page 259 - ... oil which remains in a liquid state when pressed out of solid fats ; the oily principle of solid fats. Elapse, e-laps (Latin, e, out of ; labor, to slide). To glide by or away ; to slip or pass by, as time. Elastic, e-lastik (Greek, elao, to impel or drive). Springing back when stretched or pressed ; having the power of returning to the form from which it is distorted or withheld. Elate, e-late (Latin, e, out ; latum, to carry).
Page 58 - That part of the orbit of a planet in which it is at the point remotest from the sun.
Page 476 - A parabola is a curvilineal figure, made by the section of a cone, being cut by a plane parallel to one of its sides.
Page 284 - A number whereby we note the excess of the common solar year above the lunar, and thereby may find out the age of the moon every year.
Page 260 - ELTPSE, ff an ellipfis, an oval figure generated from the feelion of a cone by a plane cutting both fides of the cone, but not parallel to the bale, and meeting with the bafe when produced.
Page 74 - The part of the ecliptick at any particular time above the horizon, which is supposed by astrologers to have great influence ; height, elevation ; superiority ; influence ; one of the degrees of kindred reckoned upwards.
Page 468 - If the mountain will not go to Mahomet, let Mahomet go to the mountain...
Page 249 - To hide under false appearance, to pretend that not to be which really is ; to pretend that to be which is not.
Page 364 - Higa, a little hand made of jet, which they hang about children to keep them from evil eyes; a superstitious custom." The use of this amulet is still common in Italy, and especially in Naples and Sicily; it has an advantage over the mere form of the phallus, that when the artificial fica is not present, an individual, who finds or believes himself in sudden danger, can make the amulet with his...
Page 435 - META'PHO'RA , ff a metai phor ; the application of a word to an ufe , to which in its original import it cannot be put.

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