Dictionary and Grammar of the Chamorro Language of the Island of Guam

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1918 - Chamorro language - 235 pages

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Page 6 - ... is pronounced nearly as the " j " in joke, but with a softer articulation. The letters x, k, v, w, and z are not used in Chamorro. o as in no. ACCENTUATION. Accents have been used in the present work only where they are of essential value, or where their omission would cause a change in the meaning of the words involved. Accordingly, the following paragraphs comprise these essentials only. In words of two syllables the accent is usually on the first syllable, and this is the case even though...
Page 161 - It. is still sometimes cooked in this way on ranches; but the usual way of cooking it is to boil it or to bake it in ovens; or it is cut in slices and fried like potatoes. The last method is the one usually preferred by foreigners. The fruit baked or boiled is rather tasteless by itself, but with salt and butter or with gravy it is a palatable as well as a nutritious article of diet.
Page 135 - Fern, landgravine. [German.] landlord (land'lord), n. one who has tenants holding under him; the keeper of a hotel or inn.
Page 13 - Mano na lebblo ? Which book ? (literally, Where book ?) Haftaimano na lebblo ? What-kind-of book ? (literally, What-likebook?) 5. Fia, fafia, fiiyai? — These forms, signifying ' how many/ are used according to the nature of the nouns they modify. They are etymologically identical with the Samoan fia and the Hawaiian e-hia, a-hia (how many). Fia is used in reckoning time ; as, Fia 'See Codrington, RH, The Melanesian Languages, Oxford, 1885, pp. 528, 549. 2 Adverbs of manner ' how,1
Page 8 - NUMBER OF NOUNS. Nouns may be of singular, dual, or plural number. (a) Mutual or reciprocal relationship is represented by the dual number, formed by inserting the particle um before the first vowel of the primitive word. Examples: * chelo; chela (brother, or sister). chumelo (two brothers).
Page 130 - ... poured off and the residuum, which is of a bright yellow or orange color, is used as a dyestuff. In Guam it is sometimes put in soup and rice. The Caroline Islanders use it to paint their bodies, together with turmeric. It is sometimes used in the same way by the Samoans. The chief uses to which aruotto is applied are for dyeing silk and cotton orangeyellow, and for coloring cheese and butter. The color imparted to fabrics, however, is not lasting.
Page 20 - There are two constructions to express the passive form of a verb, in which the object of the active verb becomes the subject...
Page 2 - Museum, has been of the greatest service in the preparation of this work and of the various papers by myself which have preceded it.

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