Dictionary of Semenyms

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High Brow Pencil Press, Jan 7, 1994 - 168 pages
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Though few are comfortable discussing it, men and women of all sexual orientations share a fetish for semen, perhaps because it represents the essence of masculinity. This unabridged dictionary collects 1,383 synonyms for semen - Semenyms - with examples of usage from the erotic literature of such authors as William S. Burroughs, Anne Rice, D.H. Lawrence, James Joyce, D.M. Thomas, David Lynch, and John Waters. By far the most complete and comprehensive study of semen ever attempted, the Dictionary of Semenyms reflects over 15 years of hands-on research and is designed to help you to find creative ways to think about and describe the essence of masculine sexuality. Since no two men are the same, and no two sexual encounters are the same, may you find just the right word for every climax!


"Another must have research manual for writers of erotica."
-Madeline Moore, author of Wild Card

"This should make a big splash with erotica authors."
-Ashley Lister, author of Swingers: Female Confidential

"I'm in awe at such dedication to research!"
-Janine Ashbless, author of Burning Bright

"Wit, wisdom and refreshing honesty shine through in this fascinating volume. It's certainly a book to spark thought and conversation. As a writer, when I look at the end result, I see not just a really fun book but an enormous amount of work. It boggles the mind. You'll find over 1,300 synonyms for semen and every single one has an example. Every. Single. One. Now you might wonder how one could read a whole book based on alternate monikers for semen. So, did I. But now I know ~ Cecil makes it fun! The book is chock full of wonderful illustrations, tips, sidebars, little known facts and of course colorful, fun, sometimes shocking semenyms."
-Sommer Marsden, author of My Ending

"An amazing and witty celebration of words and jiz . . . Everyone who's ever had sex would probably benefit."
-Donna Storey, author of Amorous Woman

"Amazing work [by] the Dr Johnson of jizm."
-Kristina Lloyd, author of Asking for Trouble

"The imagery cited in Dictionary of Semenyms spans centuries, as well as representing a rich, warm, viscous range of categories . . . methodically organized with the lust of the true scholar."
-Jeremy Edwards, author of Rock My Socks Off

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