Dictionary of Veterinary Terms: Vet-speak Deciphered for the Non-veterinarian

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Alpine Publications, 2007 - Pets - 319 pages
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This book is specifically written to provide an understanding of veterinarian terminology for pet owners, veterinarian receptionists, veterinarian technicians, and others who work in any animal related field. Ms. Coates describes, in dictionary format, the words and terms that are frequently used by veterinarians, making it easier for the owner, associate, or animal handler to more clearly understand what is being discussed. The author also includes charts of commonly prescribed drugs, acronyms and abbreviations.

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Finally! Thanks to a very experienced and understanding vet, there is now a reference manual that the layperson can keep at home and readily available for use after those often times bewildering trips to the vet. Haven't we all wondered after we got home - exactly what did the vet mean anyway?
Written in dictionary style format, Jennifer Coates explains just about every term the vet will use. The material covers the complete veterinary profession, including disease common to North America as well as important foreign born diseases. In addition, complex terms can be further explained by looking up the root of the word or a single term in a compound name. there are also detailed appendices for abbreviations, drugs and physiological data.
With veterinary medicine becoming increasingly complex on a daily basis and veterinarians using advanced technologies, diagnostic tests, surgical procedures and medicines on a par with human medicine, it seems almost impossible to know exactly what is really being said at the vet's office. Now, we can go home, sit down and read in easy to understand text, what exactly is going on with that horse, dog or cat.
Jennifer Coates knows the 'inside' of the vet world - prior to graduating with honors from the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine, she spent years working as a veterinary receptionist, assistant and technician. She experienced, first hand, the confusion and frustrations that vet jargon caused for pet owners. Receptionists were unable to adequately answer client's questions while support staff and animal care workers all needed a clear and concise resource to explain terminology in plain English. The skill and knowledge gained through all her years immersed in every aspect of bet care has given Coates an exceptionally clear perspective as to what was lacking in the animal world, and the determination as well as the knowledge to write the Dictionary of Vet Terms.
A perfect gift at Christmas or any time of the year for anyone working with or owning an animal, this is the must-have type of reference book that will be pulled off the shelf again and again with a continued sigh of thanks for having such a complete, concise and easy-to-read book right at one's own fingertips! --Pik Watson, Horses of Indiana
This is a quick and useful guide for anyone interested in understanding the unique language of the veterinary medical profession. Dr. Coates presents an excellent tool for translation and simple explanations of medical terms and conditions.
This reference will be useful to any animal owner, veterinary student or veterinary technician. The reference guides at the back provide a quick educational avenue to pharmaceuticals, conversions and normal medical parameters.
This is a book that I wish I had during my veterinary education! --MJ Forman, DVM, DACVIM
This book should be in every horse enthusiast's library. Great educators make
difficult subjects easy and Dr. Coates has certainly accomplished this daunting task in Dictionary of Veterinary Terms: Vet-Speak Deciphered for the Non-
Veterinarian. This is a book that will most certainly be recommended to New
Horizons Equine students. --Colette May, New Horizons Equine Education Center

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