Die Braut von Messina: oder, Die feindlichen Brüder

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H. Holt, 1901 - German language - 193 pages

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Page 201 - Giesebrecht (2), Janssen, Ranke, Droysen (2), Treitschke, and Sybel, relating to crucial periods of German history, especially to the rise of the Hohenzollern and of the modern German Empire. With foot-notes on historical topics. 213 pp. Cloth. 8oc. Schrakamp's Erzählungen aus der deutschen Geschichte.
Page 197 - Thomas" Practical German Grammar. A book remarkable for its terseness and simplicity and for its human and interesting exercises. Used in University of Chicago, Johns Hopkins, Columbia, the Universities of Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, Kansas, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Missouri, Iowa, etc., etc.
Page 197 - Harris* German Reader. Can be commenced on second day in language. Simple selections of real value as literature, employing a small vocabulary and admirably graded. Vocab. 360 pp.
Page 197 - Whitney's Compendious German Grammar. Noted for authority, clearness, and helpful comparisons of English and German. A Text-book at • Harvard, Yale, Columbia, etc., etc. Vocab. 472 pp. l2mo. $1.30 Whitney'» Brief German Grammar, based on the above.
Page 199 - Beresford-Webb's German Historical Reader. Events previous to XIX. century. Selections from German historians. 310 pp. Cloth.
Page 200 - Klenze's Deutsche Gedichte. An attractive and reasonably full collection of the best German poems carefully edited. With portraits. 331 pp.
Page 200 - Hillern's Höher als die Kirche. With two views of the cathedral and por.
Page 197 - Easy German Prose and Poetry. (Stories by Hauff, Including Die Karawane, and by Andersen and Grimm, also Poems.) Vocab. 597 pp.
Page 202 - Hammer and Anvil. Paper. 5Oc. Wagner's Art, Life, and Theories (from his writings), 2 Illustrations.
Page 202 - Postage 8 per cent additional. Descriptive list free. BOOKS TRANSLATED FROM THE GERMAN. Prices retail. Carriage prepaid. See Catalogue of 'General Literature . Auerbach's On the Heights. 2 vols. Cloth. $2.00 A different translation of the above, i vol. Paper.

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