Dietary Goals for the United States

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Page 1 - The simple fact is that our diets have changed radically within the last 50 years, with great and often very harmful effects on our health. These dietary changes represent as great a threat to public health as smoking. Too much fat, too much sugar or salt, can be and are linked directly to heart disease, cancer, obesity, and stroke, among other killer diseases. In all, six of the ten leading causes of death in the United States have been linked to our diet.
Page 9 - In recent years obesity has become a public health problem of considerable importance in the United States. Approximately 20 percent of all adults are overweight to a degree that may interfere with optimal health and longevity.
Page 33 - Kannel WB. Relation of weight change to changes in atherogenic traits. The Framingham Study.
Page 17 - Stamler, chairman of the Department of Community Health and Preventive Medicine at Northwestern University, in "Atherosclerosis," a publication designed to educate doctors on the relationship of diet to heart disease.
Page 53 - ... before it demands. And there is no more obvious giving to the child than the giving of food. But a giving from which one excludes oneself, a meal that is given but not shared, is in many ways a condescending giving and hence degrading. Here an experience might be mentioned that I have had repeatedly: The social climate of a mental institution changes immediately if the entire staff, up to the top of the hierarchy, takes their meals with the patients. While such practice obviously presupposes...
Page 53 - Eating and being fed are intimately connected with our deepest feelings. They are the most basic interactions between human beings, on which rest all later evaluations of ourself, of the world, and of our relationship to it.
Page 13 - The goals suggest the following changes in food selection and preparation: 1. Increase consumption of fruits and vegetables and whole grains. 2. Decrease consumption of refined and other processed sugars and foods high in such sugars. 3. Decrease consumption of foods high in total fat, and partially replace saturated fats, whether obtained from animal or vegetable sources, with polyunsaturated fats. 4. Decrease consumption of animal fat, and choose meats, poultry...
Page 32 - Overweight also mav facilitate the emergence of latent diabetes in predisposed individuals as they approach an advanced age and adds to the hazards of surgery ; it makes for postural derangement, and in extreme cases, it is the cause of obesity dyspnea with pulmonary insufficiency. It is also of interest that the mortality from cirrhosis of the liver in obese males is 249 percent of the expected.

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