Digest of Statutes and Ordinances Relating to the Public Health: 1873-

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Rockwell and Churchill, 1873 - Boston (Mass.) - 76 pages
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Page 35 - ... of at least two feet and six inches wide in every part ; nor unless the same be well and effectually drained by means of a drain, the uppermost part of which is one foot at least below the level of the floor of such vault, cellar, or room ; nor unless there...
Page 7 - ... or a copy of the order may be left at the last and usual place of abode of the owner, occupant, or agent, if he is known and within the State.
Page 32 - A lodging-house shall be taken to mean and include any house or building, or portion thereof, in which persons are harbored, or received or lodged, for hire for a single night, or for less than a week at one time, or any part of which is let for any person to sleep in.
Page 39 - ... from the ground, of at least ten feet, between said buildings, if they are one story high, above the level of the ground ; if they are two stories high, the distance between them shall not be less than fifteen feet ; if they are three stories high, the distance between them shall be twenty feet ; and if they are more than three stories high, the distance between them shall be twenty-five feet.
Page 32 - ... and which does not communicate directly with the external air, a ventilating or transom window, having an opening or area of three square feet, over the door leading into, and connected with the adjoining room, if such adjoining room communicates with the external air, and also a ventilating or transom window of the same opening or area, communicating...
Page 28 - ... violated in any particular building or place, such magistrate, if satisfied that there is reasonable cause...
Page 38 - State, requiring all persona therein to vacate such building for the reasons to be stated therein as aforesaid. Such building or part thereof shall, within ten days thereafter, be vacated; or within such shorter time, not less than twenty-four hours, as in said notice may be specified...
Page 37 - ... of the house or part of the house of which he is the owner or lessee, to the satisfaction of the Board of Health...
Page 30 - ... of his desire to appeal to the board of health, said inspector shall cause said animals, meat, fish, vegetables, produce, fruit or provisions to be inspected by said board of health, or by a committee thereof consisting of not less than two members, and if said board or committee...
Page 33 - The roof of every such house shall be kept in good repair and so as not to leak, and all rain-water shall be so drained or conveyed therefrom as to prevent its dripping on the ground or causing dampness in the walls, yard or area.

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