Digestive Wellness: How to Strengthen the Immune System and Prevent Disease Through Healthy Digestion (3rd Edition)

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McGraw Hill Professional, Nov 21, 2004 - Health & Fitness - 440 pages

Sixty percent of the population has suffered from a digestive ailment in the last three months. Acid reflux, heartburn, gastritis, ulcers, lactose intolerance, and food allergies are among the many ailments caused by faulty digestion. Digestive Wellness was designed to help you understand the complex relationships between gastrointestinal physiology, diet, and health.

Written by noted nutritionist Elizabeth Lipski, this accessible third edition of the popular resource has been thoroughly updated to reflect the latest information and research on digestive disorders. Here, you will find practical advice on implementing a wellness program to promote health and alleviate a wide range of problems caused by faulty digestion.


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1 The American Way of Life Is Hazardous to Our Health
2 A Voyage Through the Digestive System
Intestinal Flora
A Good Neighborhood Gone Bad
The Systemic Consequences of Faulty Digestion
6 Functional Medicine and Functional Testing
7 Moving Toward a Wellness Lifestyle
9 Diet Means A Way of Living
10 Natural Therapies for Common Digestive Problems
11 Natural Therapies for the Diverse Consequences of Faulty Digestion

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Page 279 - In the same manner, when one comes into a city to which he is a stranger, he ought to consider its situation, how it lies as to the winds and the rising of the sun ; for its influence is not the same whether it lies to the north or the south, to the rising or to the setting sun.
Page 279 - From these things he must proceed to investigate everything else. For if one knows all these things well, or at least the greater part of them, he cannot miss knowing, when he comes into a strange city, either the diseases peculiar to the place, or the particular nature of common diseases...
Page 76 - Urinary urgency or frequency 28. Burning on urination 29. Spots in front of eyes or erratic vision 30. Burning or tearing of eyes 31. Recurrent infections or fluid in ears 32. Ear pain or deafness TOTAL SCORE, SECTION C TOTAL SCORE, SECTION A...
Page 145 - ... we are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit...
Page 73 - A Section B \ Major Symptoms For each of your symptoms, enter the appropriate figure in the Point Score column: If a symptom is occasional or mild score 3 points If a symptom is frequent and/or moderately severe score 6 points If a symptom is severe and/or disabling score 9 points Add total score and record it in the box at the end of this section 1. Fatigue or lethargy 2. Feeling of being "drained
Page 139 - POINT SCALE: 0 = Never or almost never have the symptom 1 = Occasionally have it, effect is not severe 2 = Occasionally have it, effect is severe 3 = Frequently have it, effect is not severe 4 = Frequently have it, effect is severe...
Page 73 - For two weeks or less? 6 8. Does exposure to perfumes, insecticides, fabric shop odors, and other chemicals provoke: Moderate to severe symptoms? 20 Mild symptoms? 5 9. Are your symptoms worse on damp, muggy days or in moldy places? 20 10. Have you had athlete's foot, ringworm, "jock itch," or other chronic fungus infections of the skin or nails?
Page 97 - The best measure of quality is not how well or how frequently a medical service is given, but how closely the result approaches the fundamental objectives of prolonging life, relieving distress, restoring function and preventing disability.
Page 140 - TOTAL EYES Watery or itchy eyes Swollen, reddened, or sticky eyelids Bags or dark circles under eyes Blurred or tunnel vision (does not include near- or far-sightedness) TOTAL...
Page 380 - Lactobacillus GG administered in oral rehydration solution to children with acute diarrhea: a multicenter European trial.

About the author (2004)

Elizabeth Lipski, Ph.D., is a clinical nutritionist in private practice. She speaks nationally on the subject of digestion and disease and appears extensively on radio and in newspapers.

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