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Technical Publications, 2009 - Digital communications - 667 pages
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Pulse Digital ModulationElements of digital communication systems, Advantages of digital communication systems, Elements of PCM : Sampling, Quantization & Coding, Quantization error, Compading in PCM systems. Differential PCM systems (DPCM).Delta ModulationDelta modulation, its drawbacks, Adaptive delta modulation, Comparison of PCM and DM systems, Noise in PCM and DM systems.Digital Modulation TechniquesIntroduction ASK, FSK, PSK, DPSK, DEPSK, QPSK, M-ary, PSK, ASK, FSK, similarity of BFSK and BPSK.Data TransmissionBase band signal receiver, Probability of error, the optimum filter, Matched filter, Probability of error using matched filter, Coherent reception, Non-coherent detection of FSK, Calculation of error probability of ASK, BPSK, BFSK, QPSK.Information TheoryDiscrete messages, Concept of amount of information and its properties, Average information, Entropy and its properties, Information rate, Mutual information and its properties.Source CodingIntroduction, Advantages, Shannon's theorem, Shannon-Fano coding, Huffman coding, Efficiency calculations, Channel capacity of discrete and analog channels, Capacity of a Gaussian channel, Bandwidth-S/N trade off.Linear Block CodesIntroduction, Matrix description of Linear Block codes, Error detection and error correction capabilities of Linear block codes, Hamming codes, Binary cyclic codes, Algebraic structure, Encoding, Syndrome calculation, BCH Codes.Convolution CodesIntroduction, Encoding of convolution codes, Time domain approach, Transform domain approach, Graphical approach : state, Tree and trellis diagram decoding using Viterbi algorithm.

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Chapter1 Pulse Digital Modulation
ipter 3 Digital Modulation Techniques 31 to 386
AppendixC integration C1toC4
Appendix H functions H1
ipter7 Linear Block Codes 71 to 7120
Chapter8 Convolution Codes 81to858

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