Direct, General Support, and Depot Maintenance Manual: Tractor, Wheeled, Warehouse, Gasoline Engine Driven, 4-wheel, Pneumatic Tired, 4000 Lb Drawbar Pull, Army Model MHE 201 (Northwestern Motor Co. Model JG 40PT4), FSN 3930-926-1066

Front Cover
Headquarters, Department of the Army, 1992 - Tractors
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Page 2-13 - NOTE: The transmission and converter must be removed as an assembly; otherwise, the converter drive plate, pump bushing, or oil seal may be damaged.
Page 2-10 - ... speed gear system. The converter housing and transmission case are an integral aluminum casting. The transmission consists of two multiple disc clutches, an overrunning clutch, two servos and bands, and two planetary gear sets to provide three forward ratios and a reverse ratio. The common sun gear of the planetary gear sets is connected to the front clutch by a driving shell which is splined to the sun gear and to the front clutch retainer. The hydraulic system consists of an oil pump, and a...
Page 2-14 - The transmission and converter must be installed as an assembly; otherwise the converter drive plate, pump bushing, and oil seal will be damaged. The drive plate will not support a load, so none of the transmission weight should be allowed to rest on the plate during installation.
Page 2-13 - Do not rotate converter on drive plate by prying with a screwdriver or similar tool as drive plate might become distorted. Also the starter should never be engaged if drive plate is not attached to converter with at least one bolt or if transmission case to engine block bolts have been loosened.
Page 2-10 - The torque converter is attached to the engine crankshaft through a flexible driving plate.
Page 1-3 - Distance from top. Diameter No. 1. Diameter No. 2. Diameter No. 3. Diameter No. 4. Mean diameter«.

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